July 23, 2015

What does this have to do with Bigfoot?

It's been a while since my last blog. My life has been very busy over the last year. Last October, I was married to Wayne Larsen - and as of a couple weeks ago we bought a house. So you can probably imagine how I may have neglected this blog. 

But, I'm back, with the caveat, I may disappear again for a few short weeks. We move into our new home in Sept. Packing must happen - as much as I hate it!! I would rather be talking to you all. But, be it for better or worse, I'm back.

I have to start out this blog with a question.

What happened?

I slipped away for a few months - and it appears the, "paranormal Bigfoot," issue has become all the rage. Kinda like when Uggs hit the market for the first time.

Seriously - what happened? People I never thought would buy into this are suddenly taken over by their (note I said "their") new reality of inter-dimensional Bigfoot, portals and invisible Bigfoot.... What's going on?

I spend much more time writing on my Facebook page, just because it's easier and faster, but I decided to bring this issue to my blog. Lord knows, I've written many articles on this topic, but here it is again.

What does this have to do with Bigfoot?
I just finished watching a very, "interesting" video (we will just leave it at that). The topic of the video was, "inter-dimensional Bigfoot". I'm not angry and I'm not picking on anyone. But, what I come away with is this:
1. Who in this community has the educational background or experience to refute or validate the stories being told? I can think of no one. We are talking a very specific scientific discipline very few people have the ability (or even the patience) to understand. Having a PHD in psychiatry does not make you an expert in Physics.
2. How do you validate or refute these claims of, "inter-dimensional Bigfoot," or, "portals," when those making the claims refuse to discuss the details surrounding their situations? Especially when, those who speak about it the most, refuse to answer the most basic questions. Instead of rational answers to good questions, those asking the questions are met with hostility and anger. That's not a real good way of getting people on your side. Saying, "because I said so," also doesn't work for those of us who simply don't understand.
Don't be angry with those of us who don't understand. Be angry with yourself - you're not explaining something right if this is so simple and easy to understand. Apparently you're not getting your point across in a way that will sway the masses all at once. 
3. I wanted to stay away from this issue - more than life itself - BUT here we go. The "little demons". Why is this related to the topic of Bigfoot? The only part of the description that matches is the hair. Right out of the gate the two who witnessed this say the size of the creature in question was small so already the most noted part of the description is off.
I agree - every witness should be listened to and information should be gathered. But, the basic question remains. What does this have to do with Bigfoot? Is it possible that alternate realities exist? Could there be multi-dimensions? I suppose anything is possible - but what does that have to do with Bigfoot? No one needs a PHD to know the question, "what does this have to do with Bigfoot?" is a pretty darn good question.
This is the one question none of these people want to answer - or even try. This is not a rude or insulting question - it's a question we should all be asking. Especially when these claims only really gained a strong footing since Eric Beckjord. If a Bigfoot is, in fact, popping in from a different dimension how are there thousands of reports, going back hundreds of years, with no portals being discussed and no disappearing Bigfoot? Even if you remove Native American stories - you still have thousands of reports nationwide with no disappearing Bigfoot or portals being discussed. If Bigfoot has the ability to jump into a portal and be gone - or jump in and out of dimensions - how are there any sightings at all? Don't tell me they are all accidental sightings when there are reports of Bigfoot walking into camps and peeking in windows or approaching children. These same people talk about Bigfoot and Telepathy - why didn't the Bigfoot know humans were coming and they needed to go invisible?
I have heard, "you haven't had a sighting because your a non-believer." by these people. Well - there are reports all the time of Bigfoot by people who do not report portals or the animal disappearing - who say in their reports, "this animal isn't supposed to exist." So non-believers see Bigfoot.
On one hand we're being told Bigfoot has all these abilities - yet lacks the ability to keep itself hidden? If something has become so evolved to master time and space wouldn't it stand to reason it would have also mastered the art of self preservation? I don't think that's an unreasonable thing to surmise.
Which leads me back to my original question -- what does this have to do with Bigfoot? Could these be two separate phenomenon?
Sure. Absolutely- if we agree anything is possible. In fact I would argue that they should be investigated separately until it is understood whether there is a connection between the two. If we are going to discuss this, "scientifically," that is the way it should be handled.
Just my two cents - take it for what it's worth. smile emoticon Have a great day everyone !!!

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  • At 2:18 AM, Anonymous Jaimie said…

    Hi Melissa, this is Jaime (from Michigan). First let say Congrats on your Marriage and the purchase of the new home! That's wonderful :-)
    Well said! And I like the way you said it.....I too don't buy into the Inter-dimensional angle. There is still so much to learn about the very nature of this creature, and yet, some want to tack on these other 'far fetched' notions! Come on people! We're not even sure where this being fits in the species tree yet. Let's first see about 'What' they are before claiming what they can or cannot do in or 'out of this world'. :-)

  • At 7:28 AM, Blogger Melissa Hovey said…

    Hi Jaime! Thank you. We are excited for the future. :)

    I'm with you.


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