November 10, 2015

"Bigfoot Captured," on History Channel

So. Last night, the long anticipated, "Bigfoot Captured," aired on History Channel. I can't help but wonder how many people thought this was a legit capture of a Bigfoot.

Did you?

While I understand this was a 2-hour program that was total fiction there were some interesting moments and comments made.

1. The 3-D printer replication of what, Dr. Meldrum, thinks the skeleton of a Bigfoot might look like. I am going to assume he has settled on this, "Robust Australopithecines," as that is primarily what was used for the 3-D rendering.

If I am wrong about this, I welcome the correction.

2. Drones. You know when researchers first started using thermal imaging in the field everyone thought that technology could never be disputed.

It has. More than once.

I'm not saying I think drones are a waste of time but I just don't see them being technology someone won't find something to argue about. As we could all see from the footage of the drone on the show, you could make out an upright walking, something, but was it a human or was it a Bigfoot?

My guess is human as, Dr. Meldrum, and, Dr. Bindernagel, didn't rush to the scene.

Come on people - it was fiction!! Made you think about it though didn't I?

Is there a use for drones in this research? Yes. But I wouldn't count on footage from a drone convincing anyone of anything. So if you capture footage of a bigfoot from your drone, you'd better high tail it to the location and get some physical evidence.

But, even if you're armed with footage and biological evidence, whether you are believed or not, will still be a crap shoot.

So, good luck.

3. Loved their attempt at bigfoot vocals. Nothing really to add. Just loved it. Yes, I am being sarcastic. I will say this, once they had that Bigfoot in the cage, it started sounding more like Harry from the movie, "Harry and the Hendersons".

4. During the footage of the, "capture", there is talk about how human or not this animal is. One of the characters in the show says, "we will have to wait until it dies to find out." If you think Science is going to wait for a captured Bigfoot to die before they do the, "autopsy/necropsy of a lifetime," I'm willing to bet you have another thing coming. Sure Scientists will take the time to study and watch it's behavior - but I highly doubt they will bide their time and wait for this animal to die of natural causes.

It's just a hunch.

5. Then the statement I was waiting for. Should we even be looking for Bigfoot. Should we allow it to remain a mystery?

If you're a member of this community I know you've had this conversation a couple thousand times. Heck, I've devoted entire blog articles to this issue.

To discover, or not to discover, that is the question.

Talk to a witness and you will have a multitude of reasons for why discovery is important. But is the vindication of witnesses more important than leaving this animal alone to live its life in peace. Granted, this animal doesn't need our help for protection or survival. Although, with the encroachment of man into the wild areas of our country, that may become a more arguable point as years go by.

Humans need things like oil, natural gas, and coal. We need homes to live in. As populations rise we will see the need for more drilling and space to live in. So, while this animal (if out there) doesn't need our help for survival today, it may, in the near future. Lets face it. Drilling for oil, and the like, doesn't happen in cities.

What if we all decided to leave Bigfoot in peace and a mystery - and then it becomes extinct? Then we all lose the chance to at least know something this awesome once roamed our forests. If we know it exists, we can at least try to keep this animal from going extinct. If we can't prove it's existence now, we most certainly will not, if it's extinct.

Yes, I know I may suffer from the illness of thinking man can fix things. One thing's for certain. We will never know if we don't try.

All in all, the show wasn't too bad. Lets just say it wasn't the worst thing I have seen in reference to Bigfoot. The bigfoot costume was pretty good (as long as you didn't look at the face). The show was exactly what I expected.

Rock throwing, angry Bigfoot. They even threw in a running woman for good measure. I will admit, they managed to tug at my heart strings, as the Bigfoot sat in that cage.

What did you think of; "Bigfoot Captured"? 


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  • At 8:17 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

    The show wasn't to bad and of course it's fiction,but why did the face have to look like a white man, really, Bigfoot has to look Anglo to.


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