May 10, 2006

Tom Biscardi

Well.. I hear from reading different websites - Mr. Biscardi is attempting to mend fences. That's really nice.

Where to start?

Is the bigfoot community being to rough on Mr. Biscardi? Is he as misunderstood as he claims to be? I dont know. Sometimes I think if people had been hard on him years ago - things wouldnt have gotten so out of control. Mr. Biscardi has no problem stating he is attempting to make money off this search.. Why not, we have crypto authors out there who make money off these stories, why not Tom Biscardi?

Well, there is a big difference - Mr. Biscardi, you need to fact check.. This is free advice, take it or leave it. Stop depending on the word of one person. Start mending fences by saying Im sorry. Its one thing to make money doing something you love -- its another thing to call the same people who enjoy and work just as hard at this research - "Bottom feeders". I assure you I am no "Bottom Feeder", my interest in this subject is sincere and genuine, I ask for no money in return - and I spend my own money on my field gear. I ask no one for anything of value - I do this because I enjoy it.

Mr. Biscardi - you started this war. How will you end it? Will you continue to point fingers, or will you except your fault in this as well.

This of course remains to be seen. There are things I would like to ask you, questions readers of this blog would like answers to. Are you sure you want to mend fences? Are you willing to stand up to my questions? Do you think I am to hard on you? Why is that? Am I asking you questions, you havent asked yourself?

I dont think so.

Balls in your court Mr. Biscardi --- the next play is up to you


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