April 6, 2006

Vocalizations Discredited - Bigfoot Forums

Vocalizations Discredited - Bigfoot Forums

I would like to thank the men at West Coast Sasquatch Research for the time and effort (and chance) that they have put in researching this Chehalis Scream. I must admit, I am disappointed. The scream had been indentified by the researchers that this is a coyote.

However, this changes nothing about my beliefs that there is an unknown primate lurking in the forests of North America.

Some people seem do seem to be unhappy with this find, and that is their prerogative. But lets be realistic, the point of this research is to find evidence that convinces beyond a shadow of doubt that these creatures exist. Not to soothe our own personal wants for what is real.

As unfortunate as this is, it is also the prime example of un-bias research. Which, is what we all should endeavor to accomplish.
Job well done!


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