March 20, 2006

What do you think?

New Video by Mary Green

Well, we have a new video taken on the Janice Carter Coy Ranch. Well, I say new, because its new to me, but I have heard this isn't the first "round" this film has made. But none the less above is a link for that video. If you look in the grass near a barrel - you will see what appears to be something moving its head. All we see is a shot from about the chin up, of whatever it is. There is nothing I can find about the size of the subject of the video, there is nothing about the height of the grass, or the size of the barrel, I have no idea if there is a small hill blocking part of the view - there is nothing that gives me size to work with.

What is it? I don't know. The side profile is interesting, I don't think its a dog - the side profile would have given that away, could it be a person in a mask? Sure, I guess. I do hope more information comes out on this video - because there are a few questions I would like answered about it.

This whole issue of Janice and her farm, Fox and family - her book, Mary Green, the whole issue stirs the pot of emotion in this research community. I think part of that is Janice's reluctance and refusal for outside investigators to come onto her property and do their own independent investigation. Janice is afraid it will scare away her family of Bigfoot, I am not sure what to think in regards to this, and that brings into question the whole idea of "Habituation", is that not about getting an animal used to having humans around? You would think after 50 years the animals should be ready for a picnic, not running in fear from people and cameras. In my opinion Janice has made some extraordinary claims, and those claims should be challenged. Did she honestly think her comments and story would not stir the pot and cause some uproar? When she was profiled on National Geographic and she showed how Fox came to her door to ask for "Garlic" - that in and of itself was enough for me to quickly put on the breaks and say "Hold on"!! Then she tells us Bigfoot has a language and she attempts to recreate it for the cameras.

Do I know with all certainty Janice is not being honest with all of us - Nope. Maybe she is. But, you need to do more than tell the world these things - you must have proof of it. When you make the claim you must put forth your evidence as well. This is something that irritates me personally in this research. People put forth claims, and think I should just accept them at their word - sorry it doesn't work that way. I did not seek out Janice, she looked for this community - and put her story out for the world to decide, and if she wants to be taken seriously - its time for the evidence to come out. No more talk - show the world what you have. If your tired of the bigfoot community beating up you, and your story Janice, its time to come clean and tell us what you know, show us what you have that backs up your story. I say this because others have done this very samething - they have allowed themselves to be put under the microscope of criticism - and their work has stood the test of time. If your proof is just as solid (as it should be considering you say you have lived with Bigfoot for 50 years) then show us what you have, that makes us wrong. If you think Im calling you out - maybe I am Janice. Its time to show your hand. Allow a group of Independent Researchers on your property.

I can say without a doubt - if I had this kind of story, I would have had the best this research field has to offer, at my house a very long time ago. I do not know Mary Green - and this is no commentary on her credentials or background, but inviting others with experience, to help back your claim - would be very helpful.

Also, on a side note. I read one remark on a website stating a specific blog site has lost credibility for even posting this video. I would like to say this - You were on a Cryptozoology website, that is what they do. They post items that are of interest or about Cryptozoology to allow the world to see these things for what they are - and so the public can make up their own mind. To say this site has lost all credibility - is simply not fair. If you find my site a less than credible source for information now after I have posted this same video - I am sorry you will no longer be reading my blog, but the general public who has not seen this video or other pieces of information we as researchers have dissected and picked apart for years, will not understand the background behind these things - wouldn't it be better to have the public informed of what is going on, rather than just simply believing or not?? It is our job as researchers to educate and research whenever possible. We cannot ask people like Janice Coy to show all her proof - and not expect the general public to ask us to do the same - we must also be credible to the public as well as to other researchers. Or do we just expect the public who have little to no information on this undocumented animal to, just believe us cause we said so? I wont be doing that. This site is about putting out good information about this animal, whenever possible, and about educating the public as to what is out there - what we as researchers are still unsure of, or think is a hoax, and Im sure, that other blog site, is simply doing the same.

Lets not kill the messenger.

Just my opinion


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