February 22, 2006

Hi All...

This is Sean Forker, from The American Bigfoot Society Journal, filling in for MsBunnyBF.
I am a contributer to this blog, but really don't have to contribute much besides a few ideas, because MsBunnyBF can do it all.

I just noticed that she hasn't posted in a few days, and I love this blog, and it's readers. (Mel does too.)

So, Here is a recap of Artists First last night... Hope you enjoy.

Bigfoot Central
Feb. 21 2006
Host: MK Davis
Guest: Jason Valenti
Important Links: 1)

Note: Some of the show was cut off due to Buffering problems from Artist First.

The show began with our host talking about the recent events in Malaysia. MK metioned sightings going back to the 1970's. (Loren Coleman, I believe in his book "The Field Guide to Bigfoot", mentions that these sightings have been going on since Pre-1937.)

Guest Jason Valenti is introduced, then MK mentions new prints found in the Patterson Film.(1)

Jason was the organizer of the 2005 Bellingham, Washington Conference; which was the big event of 2005. He jokingly says... "I am still paying it off". He has a website (2), but it does not list sightings, He refers them to the BFRO. Jason says he is impressed with MK's work on the P/G Film.
He believes that there me four species of Homonids, but belives that at least two of these species are of Neaderthal or other relic man. He takes Lloyd Pye view. Google that for more details.(Search bar on the side.)

He talked about his sigthing, but the buffering problem continued through this, but we did hear something about glowing red eyes and a road crossing. He touched on bio-luminesence, very interesting topic, but I would rather you listen to that.

His Conference DVD will be not be released until Patterson Film and Still rights are worked out between Pat Patterson and the Dahindens. He believes that the biggest support that Sasquatch exists, is Henner Farrenbach's Statistics. Not to mention the fact that these creatures have been mentioned in Sumatran Texts from over 6000 years ago.

All in all, minus the buffering issues, great show. MK has proven to be a very competent host. We have not heard from Don Monroe, who is listed as a co-host. I look forward to many shows, as MK is showing his willingness to have on fresh faces.


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