February 18, 2006

Well, Well, Well,

Well - NEWSFLASH... Biscardi has posted a few new pictures from his trip, and a picture from a camera trap - from somewhere ??

The first one he posts on his site with the caption stating, this picture has been sent for "analysis". It shows what appears to me, a person who may have nelt down in front of a camera trap, and either the flash was to strong - or someone had a spotlight handy. Just a guess. The outline of this figure to me, suggests a person with a hooded sweatshirt or coat of some kind, as fur would not have such clean edges, but what do I know. I find nothing earth shattering about this picture. Biscardi however, does not disclose where this Picture was taken... so, if anyone knows please fill me in.

Second. Ask and ye shall receive. Biscardi has posted a picture of himself - chatting it up in a restaurant or somewhere on his search in Illinois (snicker) - so much for being on the "Firing line, braving the freezing temperatures" -- he has found a building with heat :)

I see I didnt miss a whole lot today, Biscardi has not captured his bigfoot ALIVE!!

Bigfoot 4 - Biscardi 0 :) If my count is off, please let me know..


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