March 25, 2006

Biscardi Bigfoot Tour.

Well, seeing how I started this, I think I should make my final comments on this issue of Biscardi and his 8 state tour to capture a bigfoot "ALIVE"!!!

I did check his website daily, nice pictures of the areas he visited were there. I did see pictures of what they said were tracks. But, I did not see a picture of a bigfoot captured "ALIVE". I am not surprised by this. During his tour across the country he managed to find more Media opportunities than he did evidence of bigfoot. Now, Im not saying finding this animal is easy, but you wont find this animal sitting in a restaurant or gabbing it up with your pals on the hillside, or giving an interview to the local media. I am sure I will hear - "But, he did all that when the research hours were over".. Yeah, well - when my research hours are over - I sleep, especially when I have to be back at it the next night.

So, in my opinion -- Bigfoot wins again !!!!!!!! lmao. Biscardi is empty handed, which makes me more than happy. I will say this. Had I not read the comments of Mr. Biscardi - saying "No one in this field of research does it as good as he does" and his other pot shots at us, I may have totally backed off. He is right though in part - I and others I know, do not research the way he does. We do not make the claims he has, we also haven't been thrown off programs. So, if that makes him the "World Famous Bigfoot Researcher" - he can have the title.

I will admit - I was a bit worried... What if Biscardi had found "proof" during his tour of the country? Well, I would have had to eat my words.. But, I simply reminded myself, if finding this animal was as easy as Biscardi says - he wouldn't have had to go on a Nationwide Tour. :)

So, what's next for Biscardi? Don't know - his website is down, exceeded his bandwidth, whatever that means. :) Im sure we will be hearing from him, as he loves the attention of the Media.

Just my opinion as always. :)


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