October 27, 2007

Juvenile Bigfoot?? Bear?? Maybe those Pesky Rock Throwing Squirrels??

Ahhh, the "Jacobs" Photos....

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I first seen these photos after returning from an overnight at Monster Central with a friend (more on that in another blog), we sat here and looked at this photo a number of times. The photo above is actually one of 3, it is the last in the set (or so we have been told). We flipped through the 3 pictures, back and forth, checking time stamps and trying to get a good view of what this was.

Below is the actual sequence of the photos.

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Photo 1 is a bear. Nothing mysterious about that. But then in picture 2 you see something much thinner than a bear - what is this thing down on all 4's?? My first reaction to Picture 2 was "I can now see how people think they may have seen a werewolf. Then you have Picture 3 - it seems our mysterious animal is rubbing its head on the ground - maybe showing off for its millions of adoring fans it knows it may soon have.

Or not.

The front limbs of whatever this is, seem to be splayed forward and its bent over at the hips - I wish I had that kind of flexibility.. Pilattes anyone??

So, what is this thing?? I then hit many of the websites, I knew would be discussing this - and I soon realized my first instinct was right - Bear with mange. One person on the BFF who uses the screen name of Peregrine posted the best photos for comparison - and in my opinion (which is of far less knowledge than his) I think he is dead on in his conclusions. Below is a side by side comparison between a bear and whatever this is in this photo, posted by Peregrine:

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If this isn't a bear - I don't know what it could be. But I do feel very safe in the conclusion that it is a bear - and not a juvenile sasquatch. Lord, how I wish it were.

Now, comes this message from the BFRO message board:

"BFRO members are directed to ask around to find one or more skinny mangy bears in captivity, such those that are occasionally brought into wildlife rescue centers. We will direct the caregivers of those skinny mangy bear(s) to coax their bear into smelling the ground so it can be photographed at this same unflattering angle."

Someone is gonna get hurt trying this stunt. First of all, a bear with Mange is sick - and most likely malnourished. I find it laughable and extremely poor judgment for anyone to recommend finding a sickly bear and trying to force it to do something it doesn't feel the inclination to do on its own. Especially when we already have photos like the ones posted by Peregrine.

Maybe the BFRO doesn't discuss things outside its own organization? Seems to me this would be over if they really wanted the information and seen these photos.

I will be the first to admit, the "Jacobs" photos are intriguing.

And they did make me wonder at first. But, bottom line is this, if we as researchers have to sit and debate whether a picture is a Bigfoot or a bear for over a week, there is no way it will convince the scientific community. Its fun reading all the various comments "for and against", and I have truly enjoyed some of the "pro" arguments. But when there is a logical explanation and an explanation that has a conclusion that does not require a Bigfoot tag - that is what the conclusion should be. Plain and simple.

I want a photograph of a Bigfoot - just as much as anyone in this...

But, this isn't going to convince anyone - and I am in this to get the animal documented and protected, this wont cut it. I would encourage "Jacob" to continue - try and capture more images.. I will be the first to admit I'm wrong - but I need something better. Keep at it.

I would also encourage the BFRO to release the rest of the images,

There is a large gap of time missing that should have more photos, and the BFRO has admitted there are more photos. I would encourage them to release those photos and let the world decide with ALL the information, not just what they deem acceptable for the general public to view. I really don't appreciate it when something is shoved down my throat, and I am expected to go along with it - based on less than half of all AVAILABLE information. It's shady when people do that. When the BFRO released one image, ALL should have been released immediately.

Maybe those other photos will reveal something we are not meant to see? Like a bear with mange walking away?

A quick hit of the BFRO website reveals they plan to have an expedition in Pennsylvania (where these photos were taken) sometime in 2008. Coincidence? Humm, not sure.

You decide.


  • At 5:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey melissa & everyone woww this is a very inportant new article regarding this strange animal which is still makeing the news on internet. thanks bill green

  • At 3:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I saw those pictures on another site earlier. I immediately recognised it as a young black bear. People are used to seeing them hunched up and walking on all 4's. We are used to seeing them looking all fat and lumbering. The bear in the picture is 'stretched'. It is showing how long a bears legs are when at thier full extention, which most people do not see. We all have seen a 'fat' cat stretch out to twice thier normal length and half thier girth. Why should it be so difficult for people to imagine the same of a bear?


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