September 2, 2007

Your probably asking yourself "Why is Melissa blogging so much about Gorillas, this is a Bigfoot website?"

I am glad you asked that question.

Why care about documenting an animal, if we don't care about the ones that already exist? I know Gorillas are real. I can go to any zoo and see one, I can look up a picture of one on the internet. In fact a quick Google search gives me 4,000.000 topics to search for information on them.

I believe Gorillas exist.

Therefore, I think its important to be sure they continue to exist. Since I have become truly aware of this issue I have made it a point to ask people if they even know about this situation - and I am truly shocked to discover most don't, but ask them if they know about Paris Hilton's most recent escapade, and of course they do.

Humans are at the top of the chain.

We can grow anything. We can kill anything. We can create, we can understand what creating and destroying can mean to the world around us. But, do we truly care?

In the situation of the Gorilla, this animal is in jeopardy only because of mans need for a commodity - coal. These precious animals are being killed because they simply stand in the way of what humans want. Their right to live and be on this earth is not even being taken into consideration. They are simply in the way.

*Photo of Poached Gorilla Graveyard*

When even the smallest animal or insect goes extinct, it affects everything in the food chain,

Imagine what losing the Gorilla will mean to the food chain. I will keep blogging about the plight of the Gorilla, because it is very important. We as humans are capable of doing something to save this animal, but will we? Someone at one time felt the discovery and documentation of this animal was important, it is still important. Discovery doesn't release us from our responsibility to protect, should that animal be in need of our help - especially when its human involvement that is killing it.

Yesterday I posted an article about the death of a Ranger, this is one death too many. People are there risking their lives to help save this animal. Will we continue to just read about this in our papers - until the unfortunate headline "Last Gorilla Dead", or will you get involved? There are websites where you can donate to help with the medical needs of these awe inspiring animals, and a website where you can adopt a Gorilla. The Dian Fossey website is my personal favorite. Can you spare $50.00 a year? If you can please do so. If you cant afford to donate or adopt, then tell people you know about this situation, you might come across someone who can do something - and that is just as good as making the donation yourself.

Am I trying to make people feel guilty? No. But do you? If you do, why? Think about this situation. Yes, you may be thousands of miles away from this problem - but the consequences of inaction will affect us.

The photo of the Gorilla is that of "Digit"....

"Steadfast dedication to his family cost Digit his life in 1977, when the mountain gorilla held off six poachers and their dogs." - Dian Fossey

You can also donate by going to this website: M.G.V.P. Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project


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