May 28, 2007

In All Fairness

It is great to read your blog here, Melissa. I wanted to hear from women in Bigfoot research, as I see the changing demographics of the field. Indeed, women more than any males should be talking about these issues.

As for me, there is no way I am advocating women in the Bigfoot field wearing swimsuits to raise money for research. I wished to point out that a certain amount of "attractiveness" (whether of intelligence, skills, or appearance) has been used for promotion, in conjunction with the entry of women into everything from car racing to primatology.

In my blog, I specifically ask the two following questions because I am not saying that the same route should be taken in cryptozoology, as it has in the racing world:


Are there things we [all Bigfooters] don't want to transfer from one to the other?

Are there things women wish to learn and reject from the marketing of these women Indy 500 racers?


Good blog you've written.

Loren Coleman

In all fairness, I am posting this comment to the front page. Its important that we understand exactly what Mr. Coleman is talking about.

I do think in some respects we can market ourselves to the rest of the world, but that goes for Men and Women - but in a way that remains respectful. There is a fine line, between marketing and sleeze.. Everyone has to make up their own mind how far they would be willing to go with that. I think what Danica Patrick did (the photos) were very tasteful. I found them not in the least bit offensive.

I'm not sure what the answer is to the situation. First of all, the women and men who would be interested in marketing themselves would have to be willing to put their faces out there, and not many (for good reason) are willing to do so. That is a large hurdle to overcome.

What about doing something as simple as asking more women to speak at conferences? How about profiling more women on these various blog sites? Thats how the majority of us want to be seen - for the work or contributions we are making.

Its my personal opinion women can be very helpful to this research in more ways than one, but the women need to find their voice (and the right volume) and the format in which to get their point of view out there.

What can we learn from these women who have made it in the world of Indy Racing? Be tough, if you believe in something strongly enough, let nothing stop you from doing it, and never be afraid to stand up for what you think is right. I think these women are a shining example of what women can accomplish through hard work and determination. Their determination is what we can bring over. The marketing of them - well thats done by professionals.

Change will come from within first.

I think the questions you ask are good one. Thank you Mr. Coleman, I do appreciate your input and your comments. Any time new discussions are brought forward, its a good thing.


  • At 5:25 AM, Blogger Lesley said…

    There will be women who find the photos at Cryptomundo to be offensive. IMO, these are people who confuse being tough and smart with being manly. There is such a thing as degrading, offensive photos, but they are not on display at Cryptomundo.

    Another thing, I am happy to find that there are so many women interested in Cryptozoology. Maybe it is taking them a while to find their voice, but they are there and they will find their voice eventually.

    I find that there are less women in fields that are considered to be paranormal. I have several theories on why that is, but I do not think the main reason has anything to do with sexism in those fields.


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