May 5, 2007

"Lets Talk Bigfoot" with Diane Stocking

As many of you know, last Wednesday night Teresa and I interviewed Florida researcher Diane Stocking. What a fantastic time we all had. One of the nice things about having this radio program is those of you who have read some of the names on this blog, can now hear these people discuss these issues - for yourself.

Diane is a very intelligent and funny woman. Diane discussed everything from her take on the "human vs. animal" controversy, to David Shealy.

I think Diane discussed her views and opinions very well, and gave reasonable arguments for her opinion. You should take the time to listen to this interview and decide for yourself.

I would like to thank Diane for being a guest on our show, and as she has agreed to return, I am looking forward to the next time Teresa and I have the opportunity to talk to her. Diane's logic is easy to follow and her laugher is contagious - and we all need more of that :)

Thank you Diane !!!!


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