April 28, 2007

The MK Interview "Lets Talk Bigfoot"

I am sure many of you know, last Wednesday night MK Davis took up the offer to be debated as the first guest of "Lets Talk Bigfoot". Kathy Strain did a fantastic job in her roll as the counter to MK's theory.

I opened this up by asking the question many of us wanted to know the answer to,

Do you think patty is human?

His answer was a firm "yes". This interview included photos provided by MK Davis and he was asked to go through those one by one and discuss his "theory".

Why did I partake in this interview?

Whether I think a theory or idea is credible - is not the issue here folks. People should be able to hear this entire "theory" themselves (from the person who is putting out the theory) and make up their own minds. So many fantastic things are floated around in this field of research, but I have all the faith in the world that the majority of "Bigfooters" have their feet firmly planted on the ground, and can make up their own minds. Some say I was not hard enough on MK. To them I say, this interview was not about me. This interview was about giving MK his time to discuss what he thinks is credible evidence, to bolster his new theory - it was up to him to make me change my mind. A debate or discussion of issues allows for the free exchange of ideas or information. Its easy to bash someone, anyone can do that, it really requires no talent or thought at all.

I told him a long time ago, I would give him the opportunity to discuss his theory.

This was his chance. Did he change my mind? No. I still do not believe "Patty" is human. I also do not think she has a braid in her hair, and I think your really stretching the limits by removing hair from a 40 year old film to see the skin under it. Is that an excepted practice in photo analysis? I have no idea - but it makes me wonder if that is something that can be done with a reasonable amount of reliability, on a film as old as the Patterson Film. Maybe it can be, I have no idea.

While I do not agree with the theory put out by MK Davis,

I respect his right to think whatever he likes, and I respect him for being tough enough to come forward and put himself in the line of fire for this interview. He knew this could have gone very badly for him - but he appeared anyway and he answered all questions asked. There were no "off limits questions" prior to the interview and MK knew his theory would be questioned.

Has this debate/interview made me change my mind about purchasing any DVD's - No. Many of you would be shocked to know I do not purchase every DVD that comes out on the topic of Bigfoot. If it helps me further my research, then yes - but this does not. If Bigfoot is human, then many things just do not make sense to me. Why have they not tried to build homes, or shelters in one place for year round living? They have no culture, no community (evidenced by you can not simply walk into the woods and find an entire group of them living in one area). In my opinion Bigfoot (if its out there) is nothing more than an animal, nothing more, nothing less. Bigfoot may be more intelligent than some other animals in the forest - but still an animal. I buy DVD's that give me information on what to try next. I'm not sure what a DVD telling me "Patty" is human, does for my research. So, you wont be finding any movies such as this in my Video Library - or set to record on my DVR.

My personal opinion is, we need to find a Bigfoot, before we decide what it is. That just makes sense to me.

At the end of the show, MK said he enjoyed this opportunity to discuss his new theory, and he even agreed to return for a part 2. Regardless of his opinion, MK is not a bad person. As I have said on many occasions, I think he has made some bad decisions, but that does not make him a bad person.

I hope everyone who listened, enjoyed the program. We had a couple technical issues - I'm hoping no one heard, but other than that I would say the show turned out nicely. I hope everyone continues to tune in every Wednesday Night at 9 pm.

You can download the archived show by clicking this link "Lets Talk Bigfoot" or you can join in the discussion of this program by becoming a member of and weighing in on THIS thread.


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