April 22, 2007

Listening and waiting

Much of Bigfoot Research is listening and waiting...

Last nights research was a team of four, consisting of myself and 3 other active researchers. The area we were in is one I have been actively researching with a friend and fellow researcher Van for quite sometime now in Northern Texas.

I would tell you where, but then the Biscardi's of Bigfooting might show up.

We arrived to this area at roughly 7:00 pm,

First order of business setting up equipment. The idea was to set up 3 recording devices around our position. The first one was roughly a 20 min hike from where our cars were parked. The second and third were within 500 yards of our final position. After the last two recorders were placed, we then went to where we would be for the night and set up a bionic ear - and that too was attached to a recording device. Also on hand for the night was a "Sound Blaster". If you have never heard one of these things - your truly missing out on a heart stopping experience. When a sound blaster goes off, it stops everything. Crickets stop chirping, it just gets silent. The first time I ever heard a sound blaster, I was on the banks of the Trinity, while I was forewarned the sound blaster would be going off shortly, it still made me sit up and say out loud "what the h-e-double hockey sticks was that?? ( but a more condensed version). It can be unnerving.

So, all the devices were in place,

The only thing we could do now, was wait. The usual suspects responded to the sound blaster - coyotes etc.. In fact, after the first blast of sound, it sounded as if a whole pack of coyotes was very close by... That had me a bit nervous. They must have just went about their business - as I am told they often do. We never seen one single coyote for all the howling we heard.

We had the perfect night for this operation,

The skies of Texas are absolutely beautiful on a clear night, we knew there was a chance of storms - but we seen no sign of storms, until we decided to pack it in for the night. Then the clouds started to roll in.

Unfortunately I can not report that we seen a Bigfoot, most of the time Bigfoot is not an animal that performs on demand, regardless of what you might have read or heard in recent weeks. Most researchers just accept that, and we are happy to spend the time looking and being around friends.

Once the night was over,

We then had to go about the business of recovering the recording devices we had set out, two were in a great location. Most of this is trial and error, finding out what works, what does not - and tailoring the research to fit what does work. If this were an exact science, this blog would not be titled "The Search for Bigfoot", because that's what I am still doing.. I'm out there searching, looking and trying to find any evidence that helps to prove this animals existence. Unfortunately, last night was not Bigfoot's night to be documented in the State of Texas in this research area, but its not for a lack of trying.

So, now the process begins of listening to the hours of recordings, and discussions of what to try out next. What did we do wrong, what can we improve on for the next time.

Oh, sorry for the lack of photos, but we arrived so late, and well, once the sun sets, whats the point in taking scenery shots.. I will work on that for my next article on my own experiences in the field.


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