April 19, 2007

Lets Talk Bigfoot

For those of you who do not yet know, Bob and Kathy Strain have decided they want to produce a blogspot radio program. Well, they asked Teresa Hall and myself if we would host this hour long program.. After much discussion between Teresa and myself - we said "ok". Sean Forker of the Sasquatch Experience has graciously allowed Teresa and myself to take over an hour of his program, every Wednesday night.

Our first program airs April 25th at 9pm central, with MK Davis as our first guest. MK has agreed to come on the program and discuss his latest theory. Also joining us will be Kathy Strain. Teresa and I will be asking the questions, and on the hot seat will be MK Davis and Kathy Strain.

What will happen when MK and I get onto a radio program for the first time since he announced his new theory? Who knows, you will have to tune in and find out. I appreciate MK's willingness to come onto our program and discuss this issue - hopefully we will all understand a little bit better.

You can listen live by clicking this link "Lets Talk Bigfoot" every Wednesday night at 9 pm Central/10 pm Eastern.


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