March 24, 2007

Being a woman....

Lets discuss the issues that affect women in this field of research.

I often wonder, how many researchers out there are single? Male or female, it does not matter. We all have that awkward first date, the telephone conversations - the inevitable "So, what are your hobbies". Do you tell the person without thinking about it? Do you have a long pause? Do you not answer the question? Do you wait? Do you cringe? Or, do you just come right out with it?

How do you, as a Bigfoot researcher handle that question?

Being a Bigfoot researcher is not "who we are", its "what we do". But, I think the problem is the stigma attached to the research, some find it so incredible they just can not think of this as being separate from the person you are.

Monday through Friday, I work in a law firm - and my thoughts are on my job.

When I clock out at 6, I begin to think and ponder the work I am doing in casting etc. But, being a Bigfoot researcher is not who I am. Most of those I work with, know all about my research for this undocumented North American Primate, and a couple are very nice about it. But, I have been told I have a "Strange" hobby, I have been laughed at, I have been made the butt of jokes - so the attitude most experience, I too have had to deal with.

Question is, how do you deal with it? Especially if discussing your hobby could end a potential relationship or friendship?

I am probably different from most, I could really careless what anyone thinks of me. If I am picked on and teased because of what I choose to do with my life - I will still get out of bed tomorrow, my life will still go on. I am also of the firm belief, if someone can not accept you for the person you are - then they are not a friend to begin with. In any relationship, we want that person to be a friend first, and accept you for who, and what you are. Anyone in this research will tell you, we all have families, jobs, and other interests, Bigfoot research is secondary.

Me personally, I wont be changed.

So, I tell people right away. I basically "fire the first shot", and let the chips fall where they may. I have nothing to lose if I am just meeting this person for the first time. My friends who have been my friends before the Bigfoot thing - are still my friends, because I have friends who accept me for who I am.

I am proud to say I am involved in trying to solve one of the greatest mysteries on this planet. If I have to deal with ridicule or scorn for my involvement - thats fine, its a small price to pay, to be involved in something I truly enjoy so much!!!


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    Great article, Mel. Really a great read. Looking forward to the show tonight. Talk to you later.



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