March 10, 2007

Tonights the Night :)

Well ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the first official chat night on

You first need to sign up on the website, It is a secure chat room in that guests cannot enter chat so if you know someone who wants to join our little chat they need to register to the forum because that's where the chatroom gets its login information from.

Over the last couple weeks, the website is growing and more articles from this blog are being moved, to allow discussion. Its been a process - and I'm sure Teresa has been having nightmares.. LOL.

I would like to thank all those who have signed up for this new website, the other websites who have posted links, and Teresa for all her hard work!!! There are more improvements to come, so stay tuned :)


Tomorrow night will be a special night in chat. Two members of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center will be in the chatroom to discuss the ongoing research in the State of Texas. This is an informal chat, so it will be fun as well as informative. Sign up and get to know these two wonderful researchers - and find out who they are :)


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