April 25, 2007

"Let's Talk Bigfoot" Debuts Tonight!!!!

Tonight is the night folks. At 10pm ET/ 9pm CT/ 7pm PT, "Let's Talk Bigfoot" jumps onto to BlogTalkRadio! For those of you who do not all ready know, the show is hosted by Melissa Hovey and Teresa Hall, both active field researchers (along with yours truly) for the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Reseachers.

The shows focus tonight is a debate over findings in the "Patterson- Gimlin Film" by MK Davis, who will be defending his work against Kathy Strain. MK Davis has a lot of theories regarding the anomalies and details he has discovered in his work on the film. MK has previously gone public and announced that he believes the subject to be a relic Native American. This has stirred the pot of controversay, and tonight we will get the answers to all the questions... straight from the mouth of MK Davis.

Some MK Davis Information:
MK Davis's Stablization Gif* File
MK Davis Press Release

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Hope to hear from you all!

+Sean Forker

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