May 20, 2007

Is Loren Coleman a Chauvinist?

UPDATE: Women are responding. Lisa Shiel adds her name to the list of women researchers who also agree - this is outrageous.
Read her blog "Loren Coleman is not a chauvinist"

Things must be really slow for some...

I must admit, when I read this article on Cryptomundo I was very dissapointed.

I first met Loren Coleman at the 2005 TBRC Conference in Jefferson, Texas. I had seen Mr. Coleman on various programs about this type of research, and I always wondered what he would be like in person. He always came across on those programs as educated, sincere and had a endearing quality about him that made me think he was truly interested in this work.

I didn't have a chance to really talk and get to know him, as there were so many people there that weekend, but from his lecture and listening to him talk to others, I found him to be a good person - maybe misunderstood, he does have a sense of humor that is an acquired taste, but no one understands my jokes either.

Loren Coleman is a target because he has theories, he expresses those theories - and some of his theories are not popular. He is entitled to his opinion however, and he can speculate as much as he likes.. I have read things written by researchers who bash Mr. Coleman that have made my eyes roll back into my head and say "HUH??". No one has all the answers, all we have is speculation - yet some seem to think they know the research and the researchers better than others. Hogwash.

Is Mr. Coleman a Chauvinist? No. Mr. Coleman has always supported my work here on this blog, he has even re-published some of my articles on Cryptomundo - giving an unknown researcher an even bigger voice in this community - and guess what,

I am a woman.

Mr. Coleman has always answered my questions, and he has been gracious enough to respond when I asked for help. My first impression of Mr. Coleman is not one I cherish - but I have come to know a different man than the one I met in Jefferson, and I like this man.

My daddy always says "Opinions are like a**holes, everyone's got em", and he is right.

Are men in this field of research by and large Chauvinistic? I would answer with a resounding No, absolutely not. And, these women screaming chauvinism are really picking the wrong target. Am I saying all this because I am friends with Mr. Coleman? No, I don't know if he considers me a friend - we correspond, but not often. But, his writing is taken out of context often - and I find that sad. No one has brought more attention to the cryptid animals out there, than Loren Coleman. Does that make him special and above reproach - no, but to call him a chauvinist is completely out of line.

I can think of other targets to go after, where it really counts,

But Loren Coleman is not, in my opinion a chauvinist, and I think if women in this field of research want to have this conversation, fine lets have it - I started this over a year ago, but pick and choose your targets carefully.. And don't get ahead of yourselves, you may make an enemy of someone who wants to see you succeed in this.

In my opinion this is nothing more than a witch hunt, with Loren Coleman as the target.

These women do not speak for me. Often I find when people have issues with Loren Coleman, there is much more going on, than the rest of us know about. But, Mr. Coleman is a public figure - that does make him a target of criticism and anyone who wants their 10 mins.

Ladies - Pick your battles, this is not one I will be joining you in. The problem is in the field, not the authors.



  • At 10:46 AM, Blogger Judy Green said…

    I agree with you, Melissa, Loren Coleman is certainly not a chauvinist. He may be a tad impatient at times and does not suffer fools lightly, but he is not a chauvinist. I have known him through the years, both corresponding on the Internet and meeting him in person at conferences. He has always been someone I can depend on to respond to my questions with knowledgeable information and patience. There seems to be some jealously and animosity towards him that is uncalled for and unnecessary. I also like him and count him among my friends. I have actually never run into any male chauvinism in the Bigfoot field and although not a researcher per se, I have had a very high interest in the subject for over 40 years and have met with nothing but total acceptance and friendliness. I enjoyed your take on Loren and I enjoy your website. I didn't realize there were so many women researchers until I found your site. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  • At 8:36 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Thank you so much :) I think its important that women are heard on this issue, and thank you for adding your experiences with Mr. Coleman. None of us are perfect, we are not without our flaws, but that does not make us bad people. I do hope these women apologize to Mr. Coleman - it only seems right.

    Also, thank you for your kind words about my blog, I do hope you stick around and find something worth reading every so often :)

    I also take requests - LMAO

    Melissa Hovey


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