May 13, 2007

"Let's Talk Bigfoot" Radio Show Moves!

As much as Melissa and I will miss Sean Forker and the gang, we've waved goodbye and launched our show at a new home with Talkshoe. We received several complaints about the audio of the show on Blogtalk and the suggestion was made to us to give Talkshoe a try. We did and we love it! (Thanks Bip!)

That being said Melissa and I did our first live show after our move to Talkshoe today at 4:30 p.m. Central time. It was a trial run for us and we didn't schedule a guest. We did however have Steve Pickett, "Indy" as he's called by friends, who founded USBRA and has his own Blogtalk Radio show, as well as Matt Knapp (Oklahomasquatch on the forums) an AIBR member and well respected researcher, and Henry May of the Sasquatch Experience Blogtalk Radio show.

If the better sound quality doesn't knock your socks off we've also been endorsed by the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers, AIBR. Show producers Kathy and Bob Strain are on the Board of directors, I, am on the board of directors of AIBR, and Melissa is a member of both AIBR and TBRC so the show is a labor of love and it was only natural for us to welcome the endorsement with open arms.

This would be a good time to mention the particulars of the show. We air on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern / 9 p.m. Central and you'll find us at Let's Talk Bigfoot on Talkshoe here. The public is welcome and encouraged to call in to the shows on our call in line (724) 444-7444
Talkcast ID: 30301 and ask questions, give us comments, and/or suggestions or introduce yourself. The call in line isn't the only way to contact us with questions. Talkshoe has its own chat program which can be downloaded, and once you go through the simple process of registering, you can log into the show live and chat with us if you'd rather type in your questions for us to ask on the show. It is Vista friendly for those who have problems with chat using the Vista operating system. If that isn't enough options for you, we also take questions on the Search for Bigfoot forum We open topics each week so questions can be asked there for our weekly guests. It's also a pretty good forum since it's another product from the dynamic duo, Melissa and myself.

If you can't be with us on Wednesday nights but still want to hear the show they are archived at the address above and can either be listened to there on site, or downloaded whichever your preference may be. We encourage everyone to do that. Even if you listen to the show live you can listen again for anything you may have misssed during the live broadcast.

Our next guest is Montra Frietas, long time researcher, and wife of John Frietas, and partner in their Operation Night Scream. They can be found at Blue Kathy Strain will also be hosting the show this Wednesday night (May 16th) and interviewing Montra with us. I look forward to a great show.

Onward and upward bringing great guests on board, don't miss our show, but if you do, listen to the archives! We'd love to hear from you so Let's Talk Bigfoot!



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