May 27, 2007

Lets get this right.

On the most recent program "The Sasquatch Triangle" hosted by Don Keating and produced by Henry May, I was confused to hear something repeated - that was not corrected and should be.

How did "Let's Talk Bigfoot" hosted by Teresa Hall and Myself get started? Well, its really not a mystery, and did not involve Henry May. This is not Don Keatings fault, Henry should have made that correction promptly.

Ok, this show became a reality due to a conversation I had with Sean Forker the host of "Sasquatch Experience". I told Sean that Kathy Strain and her husband Bob were interested in producing a show, to be hosted by myself and Teresa Hall. Well, Sean was gracious enough to give up an hour of his program once a week (Wednesday nights) to see that our show had a good spot in prime time programming. The show would be solely produced by Kathy and Bob Strain, and we agreed to become apart of the "Sasquatch Experience" family.

Our show was in this time slot on Blogtalk radio for roughly 2-3 weeks, when we decided to move it to Talkshoe, because the biggest complaint we received by listeners was poor audio on Blogtalk.

Teresa and myself feel it's important, that if anyone gets credit for our show coming to light - that credit should go to Kathy and Bob Strain and of course Sean Forker for allowing us to debut in the primetime slot. Henry May in no way shape or form had control over any content, programming or guest line-up. He did however, work the Blogtalk switchboard (helped with the phones for 2 programs) and called himself a co-producer of "Let's Talk Bigfoot" on the air.

If you think I am upset by this, you would be correct. Sean graciously offered to help us debut the show under the SquatchMedia banner since that would allow us to conduct our show during primetime hours, but always understood the show was a separate venture with our own producers and guests. The Blogtalk compensation program from any popularity of our show was Sean's to help cover his expenses.

I would like to take this time to thank Sean for all his help, and his hard work bringing our show to you on BlogTalk Radio. Teresa and I couldn't be more grateful to him for his generous offer.

Melissa M. Hovey
Teresa Hall


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