June 1, 2008

Loren Coleman Of Cryptomundo Weighs In.

Often times when I write articles for this blog I am never sure what will happen. Will the information be received the way I have intended it? Will the readers laugh along with me, in spots where I am laughing and and most often wiping away tears? I always hope so.

Mr. Coleman writes:

"Often during the last two weeks, I have had to step back and conclude that the Bigfoot world had gone mad for even listening, once again to M. K. Davis. How could anyone seriously give time and consideration to a theory being floated among us that there had been a massive killing field of Bigfoot at Bluff Creek in 1967?

I swear to you all, he read my mind. Mr. Coleman then goes on to say:

"If I allowed people to hear fully about the entire theory at Cryptomundo, I thought, would not the house of cards collapse upon itself from the ridiculous nature of the supposed theory, the blatant lack of evidence, and the refusal or inability to bring any supporting documentation forward?"

While I posted privately I would not have done as Mr. Coleman did when he published John Johnsen's statement unresponded to on this blog, I do understand why Loren did it. And, it was absolutely brilliant.

You can read the full article on Cryptomundo And, as always Mr. Coleman's articles are worth the read.

Mr. Coleman goes on later in the article to discuss the reaction of those who support this new theory (speculation) by MK Davis and John Johnsen. Loren is correct, these people are not happy that this new theory (speculation) is not being well received. Well if you back something like this, and public opinion turns against it, wouldn't you be a little upset too?

There is a serious lack of what my good friend Monica Rawlins and I like to call "following it to the logical conclusion" in this field of research. It's time researchers started pausing before they release these types of theories to the general public. Start considering the end result of what you might think is a good idea. I promise you if you do not "follow it to the logical conclusion" in your head, you may be stuck in the situation Davis & Johnsen find themselves in now.

There is a time to break away from the herd, and that time is now.

Instead they are blogging their support for this theory (speculation). They are in effect "passing out spoons", in an attempt to help dig the hole to bury this theory (speculation) next to that dead family of bigfoot. The desperate pleas to stop picking on MK are as funny as the idea of using a spoon to dig a hole to bury a bigfoot (but it is funny).

Am I picking on MK Davis and John Johnsen?

Nope. My critique of this new theory (speculation) is right on the money. And, the evaluation of every theory (speculation) that comes down the pike is the responsibility of every researcher in this. It's about being informed. Being armed with all the facts should be something you care about. Especially if you plan to back someones new theory (speculation). In this situation do you even know what your defending?? I don't know how you could, when MK Davis and John Johnsen refuse to release the necessary information so you can make an informed decision. Speculation or not, what are you defending??

If you're angry about all this...

You can point your finger of blame squarely at MK Davis and John Johnsen. They should have never allowed this unsubstantiated "load" of information to be released to the general public, without so much as someone who knew one of the people who had the key to the backhoe, as a supporting witness. It is the responsibility of the person(s) with the theory to provide evidence. Not mine, and not Mr. Coleman's. MK Davis and John Johnsen put this enormous "load" out there. I am helping people make sense of it.

I would like to also remind those who are holding the "spoon of support" for MK Davis and John Johnsen.

If you think it's ok to question Mr. Bob Gimlin about all this, and have the finger of blame thrown in his direction, in support of a theory (speculation) there is no hope at all of ever proving, then you should also know it's well within the rights of anyone trying to wade through this "load" to turn that finger of inquisition back where it truly belongs, MK Davis and John Johnsen. Davis & Johnsen are not so far above reproach they should not be questioned about the things they say.

To not question them about these things and go along with everything they say because they are nice guys, borders on insanity.

You may not like my methods, and you may not like me, but in the end I get to the truth as quickly as possible. If you cant take the heat my friends:



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    Read my analysis on the Patterson/
    Gimlin footage here (and read John
    Green's letter about my report near
    bottom of page):

    My Favorite Bigfoot Stories



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