February 9, 2009

Speaking of Volcanic Ash.... Redoubt

This is a scary story for those living in Alaska. Redoubt, a Volcano in Alaska is about to explode.

Which is unfortunate and I am sure very scary for those who live in its shadow. It is strange how something so beautiful and unassuming, one minute, can be so violent and dangerous the next.

This is not the first time this Volcano has let loose its fury in recent years, and most likely will not be the last time.

Redoubt Reported Activity

For those who may read this blog and you are in this area, the USGS has a number of links for information on health and general preparedness. Please be prepared, and be safe.

USGS Ashfall Preparedness Website
Red Cross
Office of Emergency Management, Anchorage Alaska

Among Other valuable links for your safety.

The USGS does manage and maintain a webcam, which updates a picture of this volcano (I think it's every half hour). The images so far have been less than exciting, but that must be good news for those living near this volcano.

Let us all hope it stays that way.


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