October 26, 2009

The Michigan Recording Hoax!!!

Have you been sitting around, waiting with baited breath for more information on the Michigan vocals? Well, while the researchers themselves have been tight lipped about small bits of information being exposed, some of us have been hard at work, trying to figure out exactly what is going on.

Here is information you will NOT find. Why? Because they will not allow the conversation of hoaxing to happen? Heck, they wont even allow the hoaxer behind this to be named... Again, you ask, Why? Especially considering William Lett (financial backer for Tom Biscardi and the Georgia Hoax) had his name, address and telephone number (along with company name) outted??

Right after a woman (who identified herself as Angie) came forward and disclosed she had been on this super secret Michigan Recordings property (and friends with Stacy), and reported what she seen and heard, the thread on the Michigan recordings was closed down. Why? Because according to Personal messages from administrators the ONLY conversation of what the audio "could be" is allowed (yes, those warned are speaking out about these personal message threats , by administrators, on the No talk of hoaxing in reference to this audio will be allowed. Although Angie brought forth information about Sierra Sounds DVD's being passed out, Audio looping and other interesting tid bits you WILL NOT find on the Michigan Recordings Website (gorilla costume, and Haunted House too).

Well, I am allowing it to happen, even though;

1) Anyone found reposting posts from this thread or PMs on other forums again will be suspended or banned.

2) Anyone posting personal information to this thread (including names of individuals) or other forums will be banned immediately.
I will be banned-- even for disclosing this information on my own site, or this blog. It is time the truth comes out.

When did we stop looking for the truth, and start protecting hoaxers? Well, I never have, and I sure as hell wont start now. I made a promise when I entered this field of research, and I am keeping that promise. If I catch you hoaxing or covering it up -- I WILL Bust you, and I will do it in public.

I am keeping my promise. For shame, all of those who protected this crap research, and those who are now protecting those who are involved with this project. It's a sad day in this field of research.

But, they do not have the right to tell others what they can and can not say on other boards, especially about something as serious as a hoax.

I would like to also remind folks of a great set of comments made by Jim Flowers, apparently YOU should take Jim's advice, but he can't seem to swallow it. The following reads like a check list of EVERYTHING done by those associated with the MRP to date. Read it, and see if I am wrong.

Originally Posted by JimF
It doesn't work for the people simply looking for a good bedtime story...It does however, work pretty well for people that investigate reports, research, and have been around for long enough to recognize the signs of a "just a story"type report for what it is.

Kinda generalized, but a few of the "classic" signs are :

1. Remain anonymous, and state a semi-valid reason for it.

2. Force question asking instead of providing the details yourself in the initial report.

3. Name drop people ' known' in the BF world.

4. No location details for various reasons.

5. Wait for the "defenders of the faith" to come to your defense.

6. Claim skepticism as a start ala .. " I never believed until...."

7. Claim, military,clergy,police or other respected profession to add credibility.

8. Have a few not easily noticeable contradictions in the report.

9. Bring up similar reports that are somewhat linked to show a "history"

10. Make it interesting enough, as questions are asked and details get added to keep people reading.

11. Wait for a skeptical person to call you on it based on their opinion or experience in the past regarding the details.

12. Make sure the report fits in a time frame old enough that any investigator going to the site ( see # 4 for one of the problems with that) to absolutely ensure no way of verification due to time/expense/age of alleged encounter and topographical and access to area changes.

13. Add several details that have come up as recent topics or are 'known" factors in many reports true or not.

14. Conveniently forget that a forum , is NOT an investigative body of any sort. Easier to post it on one than to actually report it.

15. Play the ridicule and laughter card, i.e " everyone knowns bigfooters are crazy"

Those are your "red flags" for a start, since the question was asked and not answered. Along with a bit generalized perspective on the BF filed because I just felt like it. Funny , but if your that involved in an endeavor then you should be unafraid of the consequences by the general public or anyone or what they think of you.

The last part has been placed in bold by me, only because it is so damned ironic, that a comment like that should be coming from an insider with the Michigan Recording Project.

People, educate yourselves as to what is really going on around you. Ask questions, even if it means you might be banned. You have that right. You do not have the right to sit around and complain when you are hoaxed, and you did nothing to stop it. You should never "believe" anyone simply because they said it's true. That is exactly what is going on with the Michigan Recordings.

Ask questions, be informed, and don't let anyone take away your voice!!!!! They damn sure wont let you take away theirs.