October 29, 2009

Update On The Michigan Recording Project

Pat Barker responds to a member of the community who had the gull to ask very good questions..

Psst.. Pat, this is why you and the MRP are in so much hot water right now..

A forum member of the Bigfoot Discussion Board asks (Identity withheld):

What about the legitimate questions?

Don't get me wrong Pat (and others), I really do feel for you and how this whole thing went down, especially the despicable act of deliberately and publicly divulging the location, which was KNOWN to be confidential. That, to me, is completely inexcusable and unforgivable.

But the "hard questions" were invited, but some of them not answered. It was the withholding that ended up being so damning. I'm not talking about names or locations, I'm referring to events and details about activity onsite.

There is every possibility that this withholding was somehow necessary, but those questions weren't answered either.

The "BF Community" can't be blamed for coming to conclusions that you and the group would also have come to under similar circumstances. That, for me, is the simplest "bottom line" explanation for the situation.

I wish ALL OF YOU the best of luck in future research, which I am truly hopeful will happen.

This is Pat's professional and ethical reply to the above set of questions:

"You know what .... I'm not answering any more questions, not because we're hiding anything, but because we're still working on it. Period. If you don't like it .... TOO BAD."

I don't have to make these things up people.


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