March 11, 2012

UPDATE to Healy Phone conversation and Email

I emailed Mr. Healy to ask if I could post the photo of the costume he discusses in the email (in the article published March 10, 2012). Here is that email again:

"It is not uncommon to price out these suits for a motion picture at or around sixty thousand. Remember, these are prototypes (one-off's) and they are form fitted for one performer, hence the cost. We have made costumes for about four or five thousand as well...assuming they are coming from a pre-existing mould and fur quality is a highly depending factor. I will attach a Sasquatch suit we fabricated last year and although the final billing is confidential...lets just say that you could purchase a well equipped domestic vehicle for the same cost.

Please feel free to call anytime if you have any questions or comments.

Best,John Healy
Healy FX Studios Inc.

End email.

I didn't want to publish this, as I was unsure if this movie had finished production and had been released. Lord knows I do not need a movie studio coming down on me.

Mr. Healy said, "Yes certainly." So, with his permission, here is the photo.


  • At 5:11 AM, Blogger Elmer Teodoro said…

    Well this photo should clear up everything. I am glad you followed up on the subject. Obviosly the subject in the picture sent to you is not the same one in this photo. If anyone thinks differently than they need some help with thier eyesight. Excellent follow up Melissa.


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