January 20, 2006

Rick Noll

*Photos of Rick Noll*

Rick Noll, has been actively searching for the Sasquatch since 1969 and continues his pursuit with extended field trips into the Pacific Northwest's most remote regions. Rick has worked with Peter Byrne, René Dahinden, Grover Krantz, John Green, Jeff Meldrum and the BFRO during all this. He helped with many documentaries on the subject including Animal X: The Skookum Expedition and Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science.

Rick is a periodic guest on Seattle's 107.7 the end radio stations Morning Alternative program with Jennifer White and DJ No-Name. His basic field techniques haven't changed much from the early days, but now he uses more advanced technology and his continuous presence in suitable habitat assures that should evidence appear he will be there to document it. He thinks he has identified some areas where more aggressive behavior has been exhibited by these creatures; they chase people out, scream and yell as well as throw rocks.

Rick always carries a camera with him (OK... and maybe some plaster to cast tracks with too) and will use it to illustrate his finds and the areas he travels to. You can come along on his trips through this blog.

Rick currently works in the aerospace field using advanced technology (digital theodolites and laser trackers) to inspect and build high tech tooling. He worked on the YF-23, B-2 and the new Airbus A380. He has written several training manuals for the equipment he uses and has taught their usage around the world. Rick worked for Boeing as a Quality Engineer and owned and operated a professional photofinishing/camera store.

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Now that I have told you, what Im sure you already knew. Now I will tell you why on my list of researchers Rick Noll is at the top. Just read Rick Nolls blogs on, and you will find out this is a man who is willing to share information and always has good advice for the new, or even the experienced researcher. Rick Noll thinks "outside the box", always trying new experiments either in the field or at home. He never stops thinking about the next idea to try in the field, and often times shares those ideas with the readers of his blogs.

During the 2005 Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, Texas I had the opportunity to talk with him at length. He is a good, honest man - and loves the time he spends in the Mountains of Washington State, those things are obvious when you talk to him.

In the words of another field researcher Teresa Hall, if Rick Noll should ever decide to pack it up and move into the mountains, "so he can get close enough to kiss bigfoot on the nose" and study this animal - I just hope he comes down every so often to let us all know what new tricks hes come up with, and what the weathers like up there.


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