February 6, 2006


That name just says so much, doesn't it?

Ok, Last night Mr. Tom Biscardi was on the Joe Mazza Show, live. I listened intently.. Well, boys and girls - Mr. Biscardi is in the field. In fact he has already been in New York, and is now in North Carolina, where he called the Joe Mazza Show from last night. Mr. Biscardi reports they found activity of Devil Worship in New York, and lots of ice.

Now, I stayed up and listened until around 1:30 - and to my surprise, no extraordinary claims were made. Mr. Biscardi made his usual comments, involving things no one can verify - such as one of his 5 sightings had him within 12 to 13 feet of one of these undocumented animals, so - I must take him at his word for this, for now. Mr. Biscardi did promise to have pictures from his New York expedition on his site today, at some point -- and I for one plan to look.

Now, I want to be clear about something.. This blog is not for bashing or destroying reputations. I am doing this blog for a number of reasons, first to get good information out, not the tabloid junk you can find anywhere - just good solid information and as fact based as possible. Second, to begin profiling the work being done by women - as I am a woman and in this field of research, and the women in this are not discussed nearly enough.

As I sit here typing this, I am thinking about the dilemma I face, in discussing the first of my goals for this blog. At what point does discussing wild claims and exposing alleged hoaxes become tabloid itself. I am not a gossip, and I do not like gossip. I believe the work all of the men and women in this research field do is good, honest work - but, we do have that very few who do like to make things "interesting".. So, at what point do my comments become tabloid or gossip? I do not know.

Take for instance one caller on last nights show. He called in to discuss the ice Biscardi and his team encountered while on expedition in New York. Well, I can not say I would totally disagree with Biscardi's explanation - they may have been at a higher elevation, I do not know as I was not there. Anyone who has been out doing this work will tell you, conditions change in the field depending where you are. Elevation does play a role, also if your sitting by a stream or river in November or January - the temperature does drop and is much cooler compared to what others in your team may be feeling even a half mile or less from your position. Was this caller bringing up a legitimate point, or simply trying to add "Fuel to the fire" for Biscardi and his problems?

Am I defending Biscardi -- ABSOLUTELY NOT. I have no intentions of this blog becoming an apologist for Biscardi's camp, I will in fact delete this blog before that were to happen. But, at what point do we beat a dead horse so much - its not even worth discussing? After careful consideration I have decided, I will let everyone know when and what programs Biscardi will be on, but I will only report what he says. I may have commentary - because I like to discuss things and get my opinion out there (for what its worth) but, I will not engage in the same tatics used by some to discredit others. I will report anything I hear, that can be confirmed as mis-information. It's my personal opinion, researchers in this field must police themselves, and that is something I have said from day one. Comments directly from Biscardi or his website are fair game, but second and third hand information is gossip, and in my opinion not relevant to anything. My training has always taught me to go directly to the source, and that is what I will do with Biscardi, his statements alone give me enough to type about for a few months.

Will this opinion or my statements make me popular -- Dont know, maybe not, I have never been in a popularity contest.


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