February 5, 2006

Guess What,

Biscardi has found a new Radio Talk Show to have his Bigfoot discussions on. Tonight, it's the Joe Mazza Show.

Yes, thats right. I was so excited by this, I jumped right on Mr. Biscardis website. While scrolling through Biscardi's site, I noticed something that peeked my curosity. Seems Mr. Biscardi has altered his plans.

Biscardi has taken Idaho off his list of States he plans to visit, in an attempt to capture a live Bigfoot. Where is he going instead? Why, Ohio of course. During the interview on the "X-Zone" with Rob McConnell , Mr. Biscardi stated that he would find out if the picture taken by Wayne Burton ( you know, the picture that ultimately ended Biscardi's airtime on the "X-Zone") was a hoax, he would find out when they got to ohio.... Only one problem at the time of that "X-Zone" program - Ohio was not on the list of States to be searched..

Did Mr. Biscardi change his mind about going to Ohio instead of Idaho as a measure of good faith after the Wayne Burton "situation"? Not sure, but I will give Biscardi the benefit of the doubt here, as typos on websites happen often (snicker).

Now, just to keep everyone updated - when we last heard from Biscardi, he was still trying to get permits and pack gear for his 8 State Expedition in search of a bigfoot, to bring back ALIVE!! Yep, thats it. I have no clue if Biscardi has left on this "mission" or not, not sure if anyone knows.

I have to ask myself, what keeps biscardi going? This man has been involved in some of THE most questionable situations in this field of research, he gets kicked off 2 radio shows in roughly 6 months, and he keeps going, just like the energizer bunny.. What motivates this man? Is he truly interested in this undocumented animal, is that really his motivation? Is it the all mighty $$? I just cant figure out what makes this man tick.

Well, listen for yourself tonight and see whats new with Biscardi on the Joe Mazza Show Check the website page for times in your area.


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