February 12, 2006

Maybe I should Introduce myself

Picture of Me - on a good day.

I was sitting here thinking.. What should I write about? When the thought hit me, no one really knows anything about me. I have thought about this since I started this blog. I argue with myself, the blog is not about me, but at the same time, people like to know who they are dealing with or who they are getting opinions from. Well, I will settle this debate once and for all, and tell you about who I am.

My name is Melissa, I am in my Late 20's to Mid 30's ( don't ask) and I work in the Legal Profession. But what most do not know about me is...

I was born in a very small town in Iowa, Maquoketa to be exact. When I lived there as a child you could walk from one end of town to the other in about 10 mins. You can still walk the length of the town in less than a half hour, but at the other end you will now find a Wal-Mart and a newly built Highway Overpass, but the old charm and country lifestyle still rages on. People there still give directions based on where the "Rose Garden" (a long since torn down bowling alley) used to be, and know all the neighbors by name. My grandma and whole family always knew when I pulled into town, because of my Wisconsin License Plates - the neighbors all know her granddaughter is from Wisconsin, and they all the neighbors have phones... LOL. I come from a very large family. The total number of kids, grandkids, etc. etc. I believe last count was over 100 - that all started with my grandma and her 8 kids. My dad is a proud veteran and served his country for many, many years. I am very proud of him - he has seen much, and his wisdom and his advice I still need, and seek out to this day. I was raised with very strong family values - and I am so glad I learned those lessons.

When I was still very young, my parents moved me and my sister (my brother was on the way) to Wisconsin. Where I lived and grew up until I was out of High School. I have spent time abroad in Europe, and traveled most of the United States. I am continuing my education and consider myself an independent woman, but, when I want to go on vacation, I go home to Iowa, where I can hear the church bells ring every day on the hour, and a full song play on those church bells every Sunday at noon. My dad (who moved back to Iowa ) has hummingbirds that feed off his back porch, life is quiet and peaceful and just the way I like it.

I have had an interest in this research for as long as I can remember. Not because I have seen one - I wont be making that claim, I don't know why for sure, I have just always been fascinated with the idea that this animal could be out there. It doesn't seem improbable, although I would need to see it for myself to believe it. But, there is the rub for me.. I, in all honesty would rather see it in a picture. First of all, because to see it in the flesh means I have to invade its territory and do I have that right? This is something I struggle with often. By invading its territory I simply mean - we as humans influence the behavior of animals by being in their environment, and may have an impact on their behavior and patterns, and we may not even realize it. Is that fair? Second reason - the animal if it is as it is described, scares me.. Yes, I am not joking about that. I frequent message boards and make many comments about "running in the opposite direction", that may just happen - only time will tell. I may feel totally different when in the situation, who knows. Im not going to guess about that, because I wont know until if and when the situation arises.

Do I think I will be any luckier than John Green or Rene Dahinden? Nope. I really don't think I will ever see one.. Im being realistic.

I am a "No Kill" researcher, and defend that position often.

One reason for starting this blog is to discuss women in the field of Bigfoot Research. Women are doing great things in this area of research, whether it be out in the field, researching reports or whatever they can to help this search move forward and toward a conclusion. Women have a role in this, and deserve to be taken seriously. Am I a "woman's Lib" kind of person - No, in fact I stay far away from that, but women are out there in the field and doing research right along side the men, and like the men are putting themselves in harms way -- even from animals we know about, regardless of gender - all who are in this, deserve respect -- regardless of the role they play. I promise information on the women in this is coming very soon... So, stay tuned for more information.

I moved to Texas, September 29, 2005. I immediately jumped feet first into this research. Why now? Well, I had known about a specific group for a long time here in Texas, so when in Rome :) lmao. I have met very wonderful and interesting people in this search for an as yet undocumented North American Primate. I am a member of The Alliance of independent Bigfoot Researchers, also a group here in Texas. I have attended one conference and met some of what I consider to be the top people in this field, people I never thought I would ever meet, let alone talk to one on one. I have learned so much about this research, I continue to learn more every single day.

I am by nature very boring - I will admit. When I am not working, I am watching news or "surfing" the net, and even doing my own research (Ha Ha,, not gonna tell you what Im doing though). This blog has become my latest past time. I have been surprised by one thing. I never considered myself someone who would enjoy spending days and nights in the woods. Yeah, I will be the first to admit, I am very "prissy". But, I find I am enjoying it very much. In fact - I find myself praying for a new "operation" to be announced all the time. I don't know if its because I enjoy the team I am with, or if its simply for the nature - which I do not get living in the city - or is it simply because I enjoy the search for this animal. I have to be honest, the thought of spending time in the woods hadn't crossed my mind in 30 some years - until I became involved with this. There is so much about this I enjoy. Its hard to name any one thing in particular.

Well, There is a little about me. Maybe not as much as you might want to know, but I am also very private, and shy. To date, I have had a very fortunate life. I have met wonderful people and done things I could only dream of growing up. While I am far away from my home and family now, I find comfort in my new friends and this research.

I am very lucky....


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