August 20, 2008

Tonight on the Grey Area

Tune in to the Grey Area tonight at 8:00PM Central to hear Monica Rawlins and Melissa Hovey interview the BFF's own bipto (Brian Brown). We'll talk about the BFF, the BIPcast, the Bigfoot Show, and maybe even stupid frozen monkey suits.

He's usually the one asking the questions, now it's his turn to answer. This is going to be gooood! >:)

Update to tonights show.

Brian (Bipto Brown) is still scheduled as our first guest tonight.. There has been an addition.

Billy Willard has agreed to be a guest for the last hour of this program (9 pm central). I spoke with billy this morning, and he agrees there have been enough written statements, and he has agreed to go one on one with me - and he will not refuse to answer any questions - this is the only condition of the program. If he knows the answer, he will tell - if he does not he will not embellish to keep this thing going any longer.

Tonight you WILL get billy's side in this, and he has a side all his own to tell, and he will be naming names of all involved, who knew what and when.... This needs to be over, and by god tonight billy's part in this will be over.

The Grey Area


  • At 5:05 PM, Blogger wildphotographer said…

    Despite my prejudices about you, Melissa, last night's show came off very well in my opinion. I can empathize with Billy Willard concerning the deterioration of a friendship. The same thing happened with me and M.K. Davis. After allegedly distancing himself from Bigfoot I found out that, yet again, he recently visited the PG Film site... the second such trip without his avowed companions.

    I have finally realized that I and others were, perhaps, pawns being used in some sort of sick game.

    If you wish, I will be happy to come on the show, and as Billy did, answer all of the questions I can honestly. If that is not possible I understand.

    Good Luck,

    John Johnsen
    Grendel Films


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