June 15, 2008

M.K. Davis, NO SOUP FOR YOU !!!!!

If you're a blogger and a Bigfoot Researcher, the last two days have been very busy. Yesterday (as you all know) Loren Coleman posted an article at Cryptomundo, that included a letter sent to the Humbolt County District Attorney's Office, penned (or typed) by Cryptozoologist Scott Marlowe.

Whewwww, that was a mouth full.

As you most likely read here and at Cryptomundo, This letter requested a criminal investigation into the "Bigfoot Massacre at Bluff Creek". Mr. Marlowe has taken the "speculation" and "theory" of M.K. Davis and John Johnsen (and lord knows who else) who a whole new level.

This community erupted with more anger than I have seen in a while..

Now, it has escalated to THIS article written by Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo. M.K. Davis has been removed as a speaker at an upcoming conference at the Bigfoot Discovery Center. Apparently Michael Rugg, Curator of the Museum called Mr. Davis on June 6, 2008 to inform him his invitation to speak, has been revoked.

“in light of the ridiculous letter written by Scott Marlowe (as shown on Cryptomundo) I thought it was time our opinion on the matter was made public.” Michael Rugg

"On the 6th of June I called M.K. Davis and rescinded my invitation for him to speak at our [August 2008] event." Michael Rugg

Has anyone ever watched Seinfeld? Do you remember the episode with the "Soup Nazi"? Yeah, that was the first thing I thought of.

Good decision Mr. Rugg. I applaud your forward thinking in this regard, and the assurance this "theory"/"speculation" or whatever, will not be discussed yet again at your Museum. Way to take a stand!!!!!!

This situation is not funny, that I grant you, but it's about time those who hold "positions" within this community stepped up and finally said publicly the things we have only discussed privately. The community seems to be policing itself this time. It's too bad it had to go this far before people finally became outraged and yanked someones soup privileges away.

Now this quote gave me pause,

"he was sorry that others (such as Johnsen) had spread the story so far so fast. (Johnsen subsequently bragged online that he had sold over 120 DVDs as a result of the radio broadcast.)" Michael Rugg

I'm sure he was sorry, just as sorry as he was in 2006.. He blamed John Johnsen then also (along with Henry May).. It never seems to be the fault of M.K. Davis. M.K knew what would happen, and he simply turned a blind eye. What a better way of getting the information out, without having to do it yourself? Then, when the heat gets turned on, you can simply pass the buck and fade into the background.

Does lighting striking the same place twice?

The odds are enormous. But, the odds appear to be in M.K.'s favor.We have all sat as witnesses to the distancing of Mr. Davis from John Johnsen now twice.

Speaking of John Johnsen,

why would Mr. Davis be surprised a businessman such as John Johnsen would not do whatever is necessary to make his business successful?? While I may not agree with John Johnsen on, well, anything.... He is a businessman and, turning a profit for whatever purpose, is how he makes a living.

M.K. knows that, so for him to be even the least bit upset (or surprised) that Mr. Johnsen took this information and ran with it, and not know that he would, is disingenuous.

Come on M.K.

I think this tactic of releasing questionable information to the public, through others, and disappearing when the situation gets too hot for him, has finally blown up in his face, like a pressure cooker.

It was only a matter of time before people said "Enough is Enough".

When Scott Marlowe fired off that letter to the Humbolt County District Attorney - the limit had been reached. But, do not kid yourself folks, M.K. still has his supporters. They are out in full force and attacking anyone who spoke out publicly against M.K. and this "Bigfoot Massacre" theory, speculation, what-the-heck-ever. I wonder if the "Davis" supporters would be as "supportive" if the request for a criminal investigation had their names attached, instead of Bob Gimlins? Yeah, most likely not. It's always ok when it's someone else..

Well it's not, and I will not apologize for my strong defense of Mr. Gimlin, or anyone else, who may in the future have such things said about them. Right is right, and this is not!!! If you feel it is your god given right to make these kinds of claims about people, then you better be prepared to defend yourself with the information that proves your right.. Or be ready for the impending fall out that will inevitably happen.

And, now that Scott Marlowe has realized he sent that letter to the wrong District Attorney, he states he will be making the necessary change and mailing to the correct authorities.

This is not over. Question is, when will the next shoe drop?


  • At 10:08 PM, Blogger wildphotographer said…


    As usual you simply answer your own questions and fill in the blanks. And, you are wrong as usual. I will be submitting a letter to Loren Coleman for open publication on Crytomundo sometime tomorrow, June 16. If he won't give it billing on his site and relegates it to responses I will offer it to you (a "scoop" of sorts?). If you refuse I will take it back to Colemans site and post as he wishes and you can do your usual cut and paste. You just have to learn, Miss Mellie, that you are wrong in your approach. It is true, what a wise man said to CAN catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar. Even God and Mother Nature know that...(Venus Fly Trap?). You should try it sometime.

    Respectfully Yours,

    John Johnsen
    Grendel Films, Tampa

  • At 7:25 PM, Blogger AlanF said…

    Why does everyone seem to forget that in the eyes of the law bigfoot doesn't exist? You can't commit a crime against something that has no legal protection. For a successful prosecution of this you would first have to prove beyond a shadow of doubt bigfoot is human. You could shoot 20 of them in front of the D.A. and as far as the law is concerned you were shooting into thin air. The whole thing is beyond stupid.

  • At 5:12 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    Will M.K.Davis finally shut his trap?

    In John Johnsen's statement of May 22nd, 2008 he clearly states that Davis had told him that he was quitting the whole Bigfoot scene in a conversation that pre-dates the statement, though no date of when Davis told Johnsen that he was quitting is given.

    I understand that he made an "I quit" statement in 2006 when most people didn't buy his revelations of Patty being human.

    Yet he didn't quit, because he gave a presentation in Portland, Ore. after making that statement to Johnsen. Then he also gives a presentation in Ohio April 2008. In Ohio he once again says "I'm quitting", yet he didn't quit because he makes an appearance on the on the May 27th Coast to Coast radio show after that.

    I think that it is safe to say that if the Bigfoot Discovery Center had not canceled his speaking engagement in August he would have gone on and done that presentation as well - as told by Michael Rugg, museum curator who wrote "He said he had already decided that our event would be the last one of its kind that he would attend."

    When does "I'm quitting" really mean "I'm quitting"?

    Perhaps this concept of taking his story to law enforcement is enough to really cause him to stop and wonder about what he has done. Perhaps this will make it more clear to him that he really has gone too far in his interpretations.

    Either that or the F.B.I. will soon be offering him a job so they can clear their files of unsolved killings.

  • At 10:52 AM, Blogger wildphotographer said…


    You have 10 days to formulate and publish a statement of apology to me for the constant innuendo and bashing I have received on every one of your published sites, as well as Forest Giants (I terminated my yahoo account) and Cryptomundo.

    Also, I believe you are a regular on Cryptozoology dot com. If so you may post it there as well.

    Ten days, then if you haven't complied I play the one thing I know will get your attention.

    Ten days and counting. Your move.

    John Johnsen

  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger chrisandclauida2 said…

    the peoples republic of kalifornia does some weird stuff. i would not want to be accused of a gun crime regardless of how completely ridicuolous it may seem.

    after all they ban stuff faster than public opinion polls change out there and do some of the stupidest crap i have seen supposed educated men and women attempt.

    hell im glad i dont live there or i might be charged with conspiracy to secure a contract murder for being on the kill side of the kill no kill argument.

    when a city like san fran can try to imprison people for attempted murder because they decided they weren't going to be stabbed for the fifth time while they waited on hold for the 911 operator and instead fought back with a gun instead of a knife that is being used on them you can imagine some idiot wannabe politician thinking he can get some environazis on his side by going after bob gimlin. yes even for such an ignorant thing like this. remember its kalifornia. after all your throwing mud on someones good name and impuning their personal integrity.

    only in ultra ignorant sanfran polotics and law can stuff like this have a snowball in hells chance of happening. me thinks the leaders and politicians up there take a bit to much advantage of medical marijuana.

    in this light, if i were bob gimlin, i would be pissed off for being accused of massacring anything.

    bob may be too nice or too smart to respond. fortunately i dont suffer from being nice or live in a place where i could get in trouble for saying marlowe needs a size 12 in his ars. again this could be charged as conspiracy to lobotomize depending on how far his head is up his anus.

    its to bad they probably banned size 12 boots in the peoples republic of kalifornia. you know those drive by attitude adjustments with boots larger than size 9 that breakout everywhere have the bay area in fear. if you ask me it doesnt seem to happen nearly enough but thats another subject.


    so, because im such a caring person and know folks like marlowe are rather sure of them selves on their side of the key board and would never allow a house call, i invite him to come to see me in the little cul de sac of annette drive at 4th street just south of union hills in phoenix az. it wont be hard to find my place as its the only one here with a big rusty wallace mailbox. its white with a big blue number 2 and miller light written on it.

    we had a name for kids like marlowe when we were growing up. it was free lunch. we called them that because they were such chicken feces that they just handed their lunch money to the first person the saw in the morning then cried about it.

    as for the whiny sniveling piece or feces that thinks its ok to threaten to tell of anyones personal life cause they have no other way to deal with their issues i say do us a favor and go back to holding your breath. it does two things for us. one is you might just pass out and leave us alone for a while and the other is we get a short time with out hearing quack quack quack coming out of your ars. i would say out of your mouth but since your suffering from cranial anal inversion it seems to fit.

    if you cant tell im a bit pissed. im tired of this crap. if your man enough to say something then you should be man enough to listen to the feed back. its like the idiots who go lay out by a swimming pool but bitch cause they get splashed. or those who buy a house by an airforce base that has been there for 50 years then sue cause they dont like the noise of planes. what the hell were you thinking. you can avoid this by keeping your mouth shut or get that cranial anal condition treated before you throw out a threat or theory.

    my boot in the ars offer goes for you also. although i might have to get your head out first so i dont damage the few brain cells you seem to have left.

    i will stop now as i getting the urge to toss a tv out the window. i have also found that know matter how hard i try to reach into my monitor and grab some idiot it just ruins the monitor and does nothing to solve the grave ignorance i was trying to solve in the first place. ignorance arrogance verbal diarrhea and incessant whining about consequences brought about by your own actions are the few things that piss me off. add to that personal attacks cause you got butt hurt and cant stand up for your self with facts or actual opinions and im near throwing that tv again..

    make no doubt about it my statements are personal. they are direct and i hope loud and clear.

    i wont do as you did and ask the teacher to put you in detention or threaten to expose anyones love for barn yard animals and rodents in a childish attempt to slap at you or hurt you. my boot will do just fine for that.

    chris allen aka chrisandclauida2.

  • At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    MK Davis has become the laughing-stock of the Bigfoot community. An update on who the real person in the Blue Creek Mountain footage can be seen at in post #76.

    When davis was asked why he hadn't even bothered to look at the Green print or the Dahinden original so to be sure he wasn't making a terrible blunder by accusing innocent people of murder, Davis was said to reply, "I wasn't invited to go see it".

    How lame of MK Davis!


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