June 2, 2008

New Internet Radio Show "The Grey Area"

Be sure to check out the new show called The Grey Area hosted by Melissa Hovey and Monica Rawlins, Wednesday nights at 8 pm Central/9 pm Eastern on Talkshoe.

The name of the show is a nod to the many “grey areas” in our hunt for Bigfoot. Nothing can be proven, as of yet, and no one is an expert; it’s all grey.

Once a month we will award one outstanding researcher for their enlightening contributions to the cause with The Booger Award. Sarcasm most definitely intended. Much like the Darwin Awards, this is one nod you don’t want in your direction. We will field suggestions from the community to come up with our monthly “Booger”, so weigh in – the community as a whole will "pick" the winner (pun intended).

This is not your run of the mill show, folks, Melissa is opinionated and Monica is not “PC”. Tune in and find out what it’s like to listen to a show that thinks for itself.

For more information and our schedule of shows please follow this link:



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    I am posting the link by Tex, just because it's funny. :)

    Thanks for the laugh. lol


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