June 7, 2008

Thoughts On Our First Show "The Grey Area"

Well, as you all know the first installment of "The Grey Area" is history. Both Monica and I want to thank all of those who tuned in and have been downloading the program. The first program (by all accounts) was a hit. I think by and large everyone "gets" what this program is about. Which of course thrills both Monica and myself.

If you missed the first show, and still have not downloaded, I will give you a quick recap of events.

1.Introduction, get to know Monica and Melissa.

We fielded questions throughout the entire program, so the listeners (who do not know either Monica or myself) could have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know us a little better.

2.Discussion of "Logical Conclusion".

If you missed this, you missed not just good information on how to "think through" a decision but, a very funny story told by Monica. "Logical Conclusion is something not practiced often (inside or outside) this field of research but, it's about time it was practiced by all.

3.Demonstration of what can happen when you do not practice "Logical Conclusion".

Yes, ladies and gentlemen we had a caller which demonstrated this perfectly. Please tune into the next program where we will discuss a photograph that was sent to us while we were on the air live. We told this person we would be happy to look at the photograph and we would render an objective opinion about it. This person stated the bigfoot in the photo was clearly visible, then later stated we would need to enlarge the photo. We asked under what circumstances did the opportunity arise for the taking of the photo, and the caller stated, he simply listened to his senses, he stopped and took the photo (randomly). The caller denied witnessing any tracks, tree twists or any other "reported" bigfoot activity. He simply stopped and snapped a random photo.

This person also reports there are other "photos" in his possession. He apparently has had remarkable success taking random photos, since he became involved in April of 2008.

So, the photo is under evaluation as we speak. What will the opinion of Monica and Melissa be? Well, tune into "The Grey Area" next time and find out.

Both Monica and I want to thank Daniel Falconer a/k/a Reverend Strone, who was kind enough to be the person behind the artwork for this program. Daniel is a Graphic Artist with Wetaworksops in New Zeland. Daniel has worked on projects such as "The Lord of the Rings", "Hercules" and "Xena.

Daniel is also the artist behind the blog banner artwork you see on this blog. I am honored to have his work displayed on both this blog, my website forum ( and now "The Grey Area" on Talkshoe.

Thank you Daniel, your work is truly wonderful and you are a true friend!!!!


  • At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great First Show. I'm looking forward to the photo analysis! Wasn't that fellow a but touchy with the chat room folks?

    I wish there was a way to listen live and NOT be logged into the chat room. It's very spamy what with all the love among friends.

  • At 10:09 AM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Thank you for listening Rcarignan :)

    There are those out there who feel it is their right to call into any program and "hock" their photos or bigfoot evidence.. They feel no responsiblity to answer questions or show us the "proof" they say they have.

    This gentleman was asked to prove his statements, and he was not allowed to avoid direct questions. I can understand why he would be so upset. LMAO.

    Please tune into the next program -and, we will work hard to be sure the chat problems are worked out so everyone can listen to this show and enjoy it. :)


  • At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Frankly, the cartoon makes you both look smokin' hot!

    I'm a pig. No apologies here.

  • At 9:33 AM, Blogger John said…

    Great first show.
    I look forward to the next one and future shows.
    In Bigfoot internet radio programs so many of the host all try and please everyone and little to nobody really questions the person on what they are producing or putting out to the public. Then hiding away never to answer the pile of BS they left for everyone to discuss and decipher. It’s about time someone will cut to the point and challenge the BS head on.
    Not sure who this Smiter fellow is but every time I listen to a Bigfoot radio show this guy feels he needs to call in and give his two cents, but it seems he needs to pass off more than his two cents and hog the shows time. Take some advise from someone who has been at this research for 15 years Smiter and listen and put the phone down! Write a blog or something, we don’t care what you think. Ladies keep your chins up and bring us the real news and real researchers and keep up the great work.

    Big John, N. CA

  • At 11:49 AM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Thank you John.

    Both Monica and I appreciate your very kind words. Im glad so many out there understand what this program is about - YOU GET IT!! And thank god.

    Your comments are right on the money, and many of us are just as sick of it as you are. Thus "The Grey Area".

    Our chins are high, and we have hit all the right buttons. I cant tell you how wonderful it is to post a first "test" program, and have it go straight to the top 5 on Talkshoe. While everyone may not like the things we say, its obvious to us, there are more that do. So, we will keep marching forward and we will keep bringing good programs to those such as yourself - who are looking for discussions on this subject -minus the "must believe everything" attitude.

    THANK YOU JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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