June 22, 2008

Theories and Speculation....

I was sitting here this morning wondering what to blog about. So many things have happened recently, none of them panned out to truly be "bigfoot related" but, none the less, things being discussed within the community.

When the thought hit me.

Weird "theories" and "speculation"...

Where do they come from? I often wonder about this. In the field of bigfoot research we have some "out there" "theories". Everything is "speculated" on by some. From wormhole jumping, to bigfoot being the intergalactic pet of space aliens and then my personal favorite the "disappearing" bigfoot club.

Maybe I shouldn't call that last one a club, those who have that belief do not hold that as an exclusive belief, but they do think it's not just plausible, but a fact.

They investigate every paranormal claim when it comes to bigfoot and, believe me when I tell you, these people are serious.

Then we have another group, which raised their collective heads in the last couple weeks, just like Punxsutawney Phil (you know, the famous groundhog that comes out every year to look for his shadow). I will refer to them as the "Bigfoot is human" group. When this crowd pipes up it's like shooting fish in a barrel, they are all over the place, and pretty easy to put your sights on.

Is bigfoot human? I have no idea. I will however venture a guess and say "NO" (you can quote me). Chimpanzees display some very human traits, bonobos even, but they are NOT human. You can "speculate" or "theorize" on this issue all you like, but I do not foresee bigfoot (if categorized and documented) being defined as human. Bigfoot (if categorized and documented) will most likely be called a non-human primate. No more, no less. So, why are there some out there "hell bent" on making this animal human?

I do not know (again you can quote me).

As we all know Scott Marlowe took a very brave and/or foolish step in this regard last week when he fired off that letter to the D.A. of Humboldt County. I bet your asking yourself, "how was his step brave or foolish?" right now aren't you? Well, if for some strange reason, the D.A. of Humbolt county were to actually pick up this request by Scott Marlowe and "run with it", the D.A. is not charged with the duty of investigating or prosecuting the death of animals, only humans.. So, the natural conclusion to make (if this investigation happens) is that the D.A. for some strange reason, would be of the opinion a human (either in a suit or not) had been either shot or killed, and later limped away injured or buried, thus vindicating everyone who thinks bigfoot is human. Scott Marlowe has been a proponent of the "Wolf boy syndrome" as being one of many possible answers to the bigfoot mystery for a long time. In his letter to the D.A. Mr. Marlowe throws out that the subject of the Patterson/Gimlin film is most likely a human with this "Wolf boy" condition. Mr. Marlowe's "team up" with M.K. Davis and John Johnsen was not a shock to me, I wondered when it would happen to be honest.

Scott Marlowe simply took his "speculation" too far.

The community responded, and loudly.

What did Mr. Marlowe think would happen? Now, keep in mind Johnsen and Davis have categorically denied they had anything to do with the decision to mail off this "letter" to the D.A.'s office, but this threesome was working together (at some point). I am just waiting for Mr. Marlowe to finish filling in blanks as to who was involved, their role, and when. I will not be holding my breath though.

In my almost 3 years I have seen some unbelievable "theories", and "speculation". I have commented on them here but, I must be honest and tell you, the recent "revelations" of "theory" and "speculation" have left the majority of us scratching our heads (including myself) as there have been no answers to important questions (and none seem to be forthcoming anytime soon).

Questions?? Are you serious??

Yeah. I have questions, and If you throw out "theory" or "speculation" for the entire world to dine on like a thanksgiving dinner, then you better have answers, or something that resembles an answer. I will not apologize for asking questions, even ones that make you cringe if I need to. I, for one, am tired of those who call themselves researchers who think their job is to throw out "theory" and "speculation".

I am tough. I am proud of that.

If you're looking for hand holding, or someone to rest your head on so you can cry about those who do not buy into your latest "theory" or "speculation" you would be best served by not coming to me. If you feel it is your "God given right" to speak and put forth "theories" and "ideas" that you have no hope of proving, and you get blindsided by those in this community who disagree with you, well good luck to you. You didn't think the idea through to what the logical end would be. You get no sympathy from me.

We then move onto those very people who make these statements, and their "feelings".

Hey, grow up. You were the one who threw out the "theory" or "speculation" in the first place. You were the one that felt the need to invite everyone to your dry turkey dinner. Now, if someone (such as myself) feels the need to decline your invitation, and goes so far as to say "I don't eat turkey and you are a horrible cook", well that is my right. You shouldn't expect everyone to enjoy your dining preferences.

Here is an example (sent as a comment to this blog)


You have 10 days to formulate and publish a statement of apology to me for the constant innuendo and bashing I have received on every one of your published sites, as well as Forest Giants (I terminated my yahoo account) and Cryptomundo. Also, I believe you are a regular on Cryptozoology dot com. If so you may post it there as well. Ten days, then if you haven't complied I play the one thing I know will get your attention. Ten days and counting.

Your move.

John Johnsen 9:52 AM

Then Mr. Johnsen follows up with this little gem,

In the spirit of telling the truth, as you want others to do, are you going to tell your listners and readers why you ran from Washington State to start a new life in Texas? Would you like me to?

12:58 PM

Does anyone have a Kleenex?

This is not my first "go round" with Mr. Johnsen, I am sure it will not be my last. For some reason (unknown to me) Mr. Johnsen feels he should be allowed to simply throw out anything he wants, and the best part, he feels no one should question his comments. No one is more entitled to freedom of speech than Mr. Johnsen (in his opinion), and god help you if you should decide to question him, or those he surrounds himself with.

Mr. Johnsen is right. He does have the right to "throw out" whatever he wishes. But, his right to help be the messenger of these "theories" does not mean he is free from my right (or anyone's) to criticize or question the very things he is helping to promote. I am not advocating anything other than a tough look at the information he is helping to put out there in the form of DVD's. Which is well within my right to do.

Mr. Johnsen (and anyone else) has the right to say whatever they like. I don't care if they throw out the "theory" that "Bigfoot is purple and lives in tree knots" but, you can bet your backside I am going to respond, and not in support of your "barneybigfoot".

Do I have any intention of "apologizing" to Mr. Johnsen?

Nope. I told Mr. Johnsen to point out any factual errors in my articles (which he has not done). I will not be threatened, blackmailed or intimidated by anyone who wants to call themselves a "bigfoot researcher", "enthusiast" or "hobbyist" (I think Mr. Johnsen missed the articles I wrote about this at the beginning of the year). I am entitled to my opinion just as everyone else is. Mr. Johnsen (and everyone else) is free to disagree with me but, when you start making threats to "expose" the lives of those you disagree with, you have become the lowest form of researcher, unprofessional and unethical.

I have asked Mr. Johnsen a number of questions, he has refused to answer them, so I brought my questions and my own thoughts on this latest "theory" or "speculation" to this blog.

I have said this for a very long time now. Either the people who call themselves "researchers" of the mystery for an animal we call bigfoot, finally start taking stands against people like this, or we will forever be force fed dry turkey, and handed a menu of items we did not ask for, or even want, then to top it off, be the ones to clean up after their Thanksgiving dinner from hell. Everything that becomes public reflects on us all - whether you like it or not.

Public perception is everything. Do you think Im kidding? If so, check out this quote:

"The underlying problem is that the bigfoot community has no self-government. There is no procedure of peer-review, controlled theoretical publications, or codes of conduct."

I have been on countless websites and read the very same thing. And what's even worse about the above quote is that it comes from someone with only a passing interest, who can see the problems we face.

And we wonder why the world laughs at the work we do.

Having public perception on our side is not something this community has enjoyed. I don't know about you but, I would like to see the time come where I can freely discuss my work in this research with strangers, and not be looked at as if I have lobsters coming out of my ears. Witnesses are not the only people who should be questioned, and it's high time those who call themselves "professional" start acting "professionally" and answering for the mayhem they create, that is completely unrelated to bigfoot.

I fully intend to keep their feet to the fire.


  • At 9:01 PM, Blogger AlanF said…

    There is nothing to say about Mr. Johnsen's comments except sad very sad. I can't imagine going through life without a backbone and a set of balls. Not exactly a role model for "man" of the year.

  • At 10:38 PM, Blogger BuckeyeBabySass said…

    It seems that Mr.(?) Johnsen likes to push people around. This time he may be pushing the wrong person.Hopefully he will crawl back under the rock from which he emerged.

  • At 4:02 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    "Weird Theories and Speculations" was also the topic of discussion in last Sunday's Sasquatch Experience net radio show (06/22/08).

    In that show I think that you touched upon something that I consider to be the most likely reason for at least some of these theories and speculations and that is - how the human mind works.

    There are several commonly used phrases just made for situations where our minds don't want to accept something. "That didn't just happen" is one.

    One time I was in a car accident - a minor one - where I slid on some ice going around a corner and hit a telephone pole. Several of the same elements came into play as would in a Bigfoot encounter though not to that extreme.

    Loss of control. This was the first thing that I felt and knew when I was sliding on the ice. It was that sinking feeling, helpless, unable to do anything to positively change the situation.

    Imminent danger. I could see the instant that I started to slide that I was headed for the telephone pole and while I didn't consciously think about the amount of protection I might have between me and the pole, I knew that being in a 1964 VW Beetle was not a good thing.

    Threat of death or extreme harm. Again the fleeting thought 'this is going to hurt bad' and yes, hitting the pole the wrong way 'this could be IT'.

    All I could do though was helplessly turn the wheel and say out loud "NOOOOOO".
    Those few seconds seemed to take several minutes, but do I think that a telephone pole has some kind of time altering power? No.

    Once I hit the pole it disappeared. Well, not literally, but I don't remember seeing it at all after the accident. It was no longer a threat. I had Captain Kirk yelling in my mind "Damage Report" - or something like that.

    Take those same elements to a higher level and yes, our minds do funny things. To the very extreme, victims of extreme injury don't remember what happened, even if they were conscious and talking to others the whole time of the incident.

    So I'd venture to say that a Bigfoot encounter falls somewhere between my minor car accident and befalling serious bodily harm. While there are some things that our minds do that are common in these situations much of it may be subject to each individual.

    Several people who have had Bigfoot encounters have made similar statements as this one lady who had a "face to face" encounter as a child. She recalls "And when he turned he just literally took one step and he was gone.

    Some people's rational behind this would be that he stepped through an invisible worm hole between dimensions. I don't subscribe to that interpretation, I think that it might simply be how their minds deal with the experience.

    Since she was playing "hide and seek" with several other children she immediately ran to those who were closest to her and told them what had just happened to her. They went to the spot where she had her encounter and they were met with tree thrashing and growls that were a clear message to them.

    Was he literally gone? Obviously not because the other kids came back to the same area and were basically told by him "go away", which they quickly did.

    When you think about it, most of the far fetched theories come right from the pages of the many science fiction television shows and movies that have become increasingly popular and increasingly imaginative over the last 40 or so years.

    To me the most logical and reasonable explanation as to why some are serious about these theories and speculations is that their minds are somehow making a connection between their Bigfoot encounter and their mental archive of bits and pieces of the science fiction that has been stored up in their mind.

  • At 7:06 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Your discussion Mike of a car accident is a very good example of just how things in your mind can be confused, forgotten or totally misconstrued.

    Back in 1999 I fell off a step going outside from an older building. The fall was caused by the step being uneven and my ankle giving out - and me practically stepping on the side of my ankle.

    I hit the ground, and I was in so much pain I thought I would throw up (seriously, I asked people to not touch me or I would throw up). I remember falling onto a sidewalk surrounded by grass and a big tree.

    I went back about a month later, to discover - I had actually falled onto the pavement of a parking lot, not a sidewalk. There wasnt grass for at least a hundred feet, and no tree.

    I completely imagined the scene surrounding me (the people were real, lmao) but you would think you would absolutely know if you hit the ground - what you were falling onto, and you wouldnt forget details like that.

    So, been there myself. :) We are all prone to this when either terrifed or in an extreme amount of pain.

    I later had complete reconstructive surgery of my ankle.. oops.

  • At 9:11 AM, Blogger wildphotographer said…


    Please remove the block from my email and send me a message at when you have done so. It would really be in your best interest to do so.

    John Johnsen

  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Mr. Johnsen, your harrassment via my email stopped when I blocked you a year ago. AINT HAPPENING AGAIN. If your so proud of the way you conduct yourself, then lets see it in public.

    I know why you want to email me, so you can post your stupid ( and worthless) confidentiality statement. If your corresponding here, your contact complaint that your comments are being taken out of context are null - and this way you can't play the bleeding heart victim you enjoy so much. I guess you could say I am making you take responsibility for your actions and comments.

    It would be in your best interest to do what every one of these comments say - go away, mind your own business, stop harrassing researchers and being a general nusiance. If you have a talent to share, by all means do so, BUT the harrassment stops.

    I find it unfortunate so much time is taken up by these petty school yard bulling tatics.

    Change your tatics and how you handle people and maybe one day you will get my email address, but not now, no way.

    It says a lot that I havent blocked Eric Beckjord, and you are. At least Mr. Beckjord knows when enough is enough. How funny is that.


  • At 12:17 PM, Blogger wildphotographer said…


    This is far too important and private in nature to put out over your blog.
    I am sending you an email message. It is up to you to choose to receive it or not.

    It is considered confidential and is not to be published here in any portion.

    John Johnsen

  • At 12:37 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Get over yourself.

    You think there is something out there more private than the tent issue??

    Either post your find of the century, or go away. I am tired of you and your games.

  • At 1:01 PM, Blogger wildphotographer said…


    That was indeed the wrong reply. Do I have to get the Roberts Law Firm involved?

    Answer my email.

    John Johnsen

  • At 1:12 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    And what do you think they will help you with? LMAO...

    Wow, your getting creepy now.. Stalk much? I hope you get better at it, cause so far -- YOU SUCK. LMAO.

    All of this because I wont let you decide how I feel about the crap you involve yourself with, and try to pass off on others.

    PAY ATTENTION READERS --- This is not a joke. This is what these people do. And, to top it off, there are more than you might think.

    Pathetic, sad and incredibly unprofessional. But, I appreciate the laugh.

  • At 11:29 PM, Blogger redbud said…

    I guess I don't get why Johnsen cares so much. He is only hurting himself by threatening an bullying others. I've heard he has talent as a DVD producer. He needs to keep his mouth shut and focus on doing what he does as well as he can.

    In my experience I believe that most people are forgiving. If he starts behaving as a mature and respectful person, that's what he'll get in return, eventually. Even from Melissa.


  • At 2:09 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    Hey Mel,

    That is very interesting about your little mis-step that resulted in a fall and your perceptions of the event.

    The only logical conclusion is that things actually were the way that you thought that they were and what actually happened is (firmly placing tongue in cheek) that you fell through a wormhole into a parallel dimension.

    Yes, we all have multiple identical twins in multiple nearly identical universes and it is just such events that cause us to jump from one reality to another. This happens to us all of the time, we just haven't been taught about it so we simply don't recognize it.

    The Melissa that was in this reality, no doubt fell through the same worm hole at the same instant in time. In fact I have found that there was a security camera in that parking lot and I have been able to carefully examine the tape for the past nine years and found the following.

    The day before you fell, you and your bike gang were having a secret meeting in that older building, you had all rode in on your Harley/Davidson hogs (tracks can clearly be seen)and were conducting a Hell's Angels sanctioned meeting when suddenly your gang was taken by surprise by a rival "Ghost Riders" gang.

    Many were shot and killed that day in the rumble but your gang won the battle but realized that they had to do something with the bodies, so they 'confiscated' a nearby jack hammer and dug up the concrete sidewalk, but in the video there is one and one half frames of a wet spot on the asphalt that was used to cover the bodies which, when the correct filter is misapplied, it is clearly obvious that it might be blood.

    The next day when you came back to this building to make sure that everything looked normal, one of the rival gang members who had not quite expired yet, managed to push up a corner of the asphalt just enough to get off a shot and hit you in the ankle before he collapsed back into the hole once again covered by the asphalt.

    I have worked closely with Mr. Joker in the filming and production of a DVD that covers all of this and since I need to re-coop my expenses and take a vacation with the money I get back, I'm going to be calling Larry King in order to be a special guest on his up coming show about "Dimensional jumping Bike Gangs". I'll be pushing my DVD's on that show and everywhere else that I can... have you seen my DVD? it explaines the proper misuse of photography techniques that clearly shows that this could have happened.
    God help us all!


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