May 15, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

Since moving to Ohio to start my life, I have for the most part stayed clear of the message boards (except my own of course). The drama and fighting can be overwhelming and frankly I had simply had enough.

On a bad day (which we all have) we all look for something that makes us think for a few seconds "hey, my life is not so bad after all."

Eventually though, it gets tiring, and most of us need a break.

Therefore I have not been keeping up with all the latest and greatest information.

Then a little over a week ago, I started getting emails and personal messages asking me if I heard about the Scott Herriott/Tom Yamarone/Paul Vella verbal fist fight.

"What?" Seriously?

I have always thought both Scott and Tom were very nice people. I had no idea what was happening, so I went looking for all the information. When I found the pages of conversation my worst fears were confirmed, this was seriously happening.

Let me try to "nutshell" this for you all.

Scott Herriott= PGF skeptic. Vocal skeptic. Extremely nice guy, very funny but he has his doubts about the legitimacy of the PGF. Heck, Scott questions his own possible encounter. While I think the film is legit, I have never had the kinds of exchanges with Scott I have had with other PGF skeptics. In other words, I have never found him to be rude or insulting.

Tom Yamarone= Talented singer and song writer. Tom is a very funny guy, and great all around person. Tom is a member of the BFRO and a Board Member of the AIBR (which boggles my mind but that's another story). Tom is of the opinion the PGF is legit. That's fine, he is entitled to his opinion, as is Scott (or anyone else). Tom and a group of people to include BoBo Fay organized the "Yakima Roundup" that is taking place this very weekend in Washington. Guest of Honor is Bob Gimlin.

There is talk of a physical threat that was made, but I have found nothing on that.

If you don't know who Bob Gimlin is, please hang your head in shame and stop reading. Not knowing the name Bob Gimlin is like not knowing who John Green is. Your not a researcher, or you should really pay more attention ;)

Ok, so...

Scott Herriott requested a ticket for the Yakima event. Apparently Scott was sent a letter from the organizers of the event stating Scott would not be admitted due to his skeptical view on the PGF. The organizers of the event planned this weekend not for anything other than a weekend of a few speakers, and general fun and bigfoot conversation.

This letter of course was published on at least one website I know of. Which in turn, created a firestorm the likes of which I have not seen in a while.

Were the organizers of this event wrong to deny admittance to Scott? Well, no. They have the right to refuse anyone admittance. This is a private event. No where in the letter did I read "Scott your a miserable person, and we do not want you there due to your nasty attitude and overall ill will toward bigfooters in general." No.

Anyway... Paul Vella (owner of the BFF) became outraged by the letter sent to Scott Herriott. Paul posted and a war was started between Paul and Tom Yamarone. Much to the dismay of many who were hoping for a run down of events and possibly photos.

I say dismay, because in the end Tom stated "The organizers of the event planned to enforce the copyright restrictions". So, there would be no posting of photos or a run down of events.

This further enraged Paul Vella. Paul then shut down every thread on the event.

Here recently Tom Yamarone released a statement to say he had lost his temper, and he apologized. He went on to say Photos and a recap would be permitted by attendees.

Do organizers of Bigfoot related events have the right to refuse entrance? Absolutely. There is no law in this country which states "Anyone and everyone who wants to attend a gathering, must be permitted to attend." These are by and large privately funded and put together functions. Just because you state you are a "bigfoot enthusiast" that does not guarantee you admittance to anything. This event had a limited number for attendance (250 I believe).

The mistake was they were honest about why. While people say they want the truth, honestly they don't. If the letter had read "Were sorry Scott, but there are no more tickets available." When the event is over, and people discovered there were no skeptics in attendance there would still be an overwhelming amount of drama, just not because of the letter to Scott.

Sometimes (in my opinion) it is not appropriate to quiz and interrogate people.

Sometimes they want to just be one of the masses. Yes, Bob Gimlin will be there, but that does not mean he was invited to be grilled on the film. Maybe he will speak, but even if he does, that does not mean he is open to grilling. Frankly, I don't think he always needs to be. Can anyone truly blame him for not wanting that every time he gets near someone who identifies themselves as a bigfoot researcher?? The poor man probably cringes every time someone brings up the word "Bigfoot".

Honestly, ask yourself this,

If Bob Gimlin answered every question imaginable, would that be enough? No, I truly do not think it would be. Only because I see the very same questions asked over and over. Often times because the answer does not fit what the intended questioner wanted to hear. Issues some find important about the PGF honestly have no bearing on the issue of whether the film is legit. Yet, the questions still get asked.

In the last year and a half or so,

Mr. Gimlin has been accused of some horrific things. Scott Marlowe went so far as to send a letter to a District Attorney to request a full investigation into the events surrounding the filming of Patty at Bluff Creek. I am frankly shocked Mr. Gimlin is going to be anywhere near a bigfoot event, let alone attend willingly.

What I find ironic is the people who are upset at the alleged shielding of Mr. Gimlin, are the ones who were upset with me and Loren Coleman over the articles written on M.K. Davis. So, I guess it's ok to question and demand answers from Bob Gimlin, but not his chief proponent M.K. Davis (at this time) about allegations that are simply hideous?

Do I think Paul Vella was out of line?

No, I am not his mother. Paul is entitled to handle things the way he deems necessary. Tom Yamarone has the right to respond, which he did. Paul chose to take a particular stance, and as with anyone, he has the right to ask whatever he wants, hell he can even demand answers.

Is anyone bound by law to respond? Nope.

Once again we are reading about drama. Drama that in no way helps solve a mystery. Anger took over and the researchers are sitting back and wondering "what the hell just happened?"

According to Cryptomundo and Paul Vella, Mr. Vella has resigned from the AIBR over this event. Loren Coleman reports Brian Brown has not only left the BFF over this, but he has resigned from the AIBR as well. That I can not confirm. Near as I can tell Mr. Brown left the BFF due to personal reasons, but still is involved with the AIBR. I could be wrong.

Personally, I felt an overwhelming need to take some Excedrin and turn off my computer. Being in the woods is so much more entertaining these days. :)

All my best to the organizers of the Yakima event, I hope it is a huge success.


  • At 3:39 AM, Blogger Thunderhawk's Bigfoot Blog said…

    I attended the Yakima Bigfoot Round Up and I had a blast. I got to meet many people for the first time in person that I had only known on-line, plus I got to talk to Bob Gimlin six times! I do not know why so many people are having a problem with this event just because they weren't invited or couldn't score tickets to it. It was in fact a private event by-invitation-only to celebrate Bob Gimlin and the PG film. I was on the waiting list for more than a month before an opening to attend the event showed up, and the opening came only two weeks before the event. There were no negative vibes whatsoever at the Round Up, and I am afraid that if someone did show up there questioning Gimlin's character and the validity of the PG film it would have ruined the friendly, fun, and educational atmosphere of the event by causing strife where there didn't need to be any. And if that did happen I would probably have left it very early, and I'm sure others in attendance would have as well. The green-eyed monster of jealously takes on many forms, including Bigfooters. I'm sure that's probably a reason why so many people are upset about the Round Up. I would have loved to have met you in person, Melissa. You're post here nailed it on the head. Thanks


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