February 10, 2009

Breaking News!!!!!!!

For weeks we have been watching videos on YouTube, which are offering "skills and tatics" for hunting bigfoot to the researchers in the field.

We are all wondering who RyanTheHunter is, now find out for yourself in this 1 hour satirical look at the field of Bigfoot Research.

RyanTheHunter, the man behind those YouTube videos, will be on "The Grey Area" Wednesday February 18, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern. This is an exclusive interview, you do not want to miss.

RyanTheHunter will be on the show, answering our questions, and yours. Has he seen a bigfoot? How did he develop these "highly skilled" techniques? Can RyanTheHunter figure out why Monica and myself have never seen a bigfoot? How did he discover "bigfoots rhythm?" Why is a Tomahawk so critical to a successful field expedition?

This is your chance to ask RyanTheHunter those questions burning deep inside your soul.

Our chatroom will be open a half hour early, so log in and get your questions ready. Tune in, and have some fun :)

The Grey Area


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