January 5, 2012

Denying the necessity of Science

I’m going to jump right into this article.

Regan Lee writes on her “
Frame 352 blog

It's a living being minding its own business and we do not have the right to intrude upon its habitat and attempt to kill or capture, simply to satisfy our egos. It gets to that, and only that. (expletive removed by Melissa, I get yelled at by readers) science. We don't need to prove a damn thing. Witnesses who've seen Sasquatch know. The rest of us who haven't, well, too bad for us. Maybe we'll be blessed as well some day.end quote

I think this paragraph gets right to the heart of an issue I have been thinking about for a while now.

What do witnesses want?

I have to say, I disagree with Regan Lee. When witnesses contact a person they know is a “Bigfoot Researcher” they may believe with all their heart and soul they have seen a Bigfoot, but they, as much as any researcher, want proof.

Why do I think that?

Because witnesses contact people within the “Bigfoot Research Community.” They send emails to Bigfoot Organizations. They call the 1-800 numbers, asking us to come and take a look at their property, or an area where they had a sighting. They write in their emails, “I know I’m not crazy”. Witnesses think, if anyone can prove they seen a Bigfoot – it is someone within this community. Witnesses know we collect any possible evidence of what they are reporting. Witnesses allow us to stay on their properties and hold “night ops”. If they didn’t want proof as much as your average researcher, they wouldn’t contact us, or allow us on their property.

Can we at least agree witnesses are not calling the AARP?

Until this animal is recognized, these witnesses know they have seen something that is not supposed to exist. They feel as if there might be something wrong with them. They look to the “bigfoot community” for validation. Some witnesses want and some need “proof” that what they seen was real. I have heard them say it!!

Why is the word “proof” becoming such a dirty word?

Before readers would send me nasty grams over the use of profanity, now I hear from readers who don’t like the word, “proof”.

What’s up with that?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but humans, be they bigfoot researchers or members of the general public ARE encroaching (or intruding) on the habitat of this animal (if it’s out there). We are building homes, roads, communities; you name it in wilderness areas. What kind of effect is that having on populations that may exist?

I am willing to bet one day, one of these homeowners will be responsible for doing what most of us never want to see done – killing one of these animals out of fear, and never saying a word out of fear of legal repercussions, IF, it hasn’t happened yet.

How much good will that do this animal?

You will have one dead, and more in danger of being killed out of ignorance and fear. Ignorance breeds fear, and those two emotions make for a very dangerous combination. Just look at the damage those two words brought to the population of Great White Sharks, after the movie Jaws, and we knew they existed!! We darn near wiped them out. So, don’t tell me it can’t happen to this alleged animal.

Now, because of science, we have a much better understanding of the Great White Shark and its numbers are thriving. Science did that, through education and examination of this animal- we now have a far better understanding of the Great White Shark, and it is not nearly as feared as it once was. Science did not wipe out the shark, they worked to save it.

Science is not nearly as destructive as some like to think.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the resident population of the United States, projected to 01/05/12 at 17:14 UTC (EST+5) is: 312,804,594

They can’t all fit inside Los Angeles, Chicago, New York or Seattle. We can try to educate, but how do you educate about an animal that is not supposed to exist? There is no college course or even high school class that includes a serious study of this topic.

Because I said so;”

Is not a valid argument, for the existence of Bigfoot, or its protection. I would be more concerned, with the average citizen, than any Bigfoot researcher when it comes to a Bigfoot being shot or killed.

Until science recognizes this animal those of us who call ourselves, “Bigfoot Researchers,” will only be taken seriously by those who have been witness to this animal. But, until a scientist in some lab has undeniable “proof” of this animals existence;

Witnesses will still worry about being called “crazy” if they talk about seeing this animal.

I would like that to end.