January 16, 2012

Opinion... What is it.

This definition comes to us from the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

This definition is pretty straight forward, I think, and requires little conversation.

I find this portion is especially interesting.

Why is that? It’s how we understand various ideas and the opinions of each individual person. How do we as humans form opinions? We do so based on our own personal life experiences. When we are young, we are taught various lessons, by our Parents and School Teachers (and others) that help shape our view of the world and, what is possible, or not. We either pick up on the "views" or lessons, or we do not. But, that doesn’t mean we stop questioning our own beliefs, judgments or views, and later form different opinions.

Questioning is a good thing.

And opinions are just as varied as humans. Why? One reason is we are all blessed with “free will”. Free will is the ability to think and judge, for ourselves. In other words, you are allowed to make up our own mind. We can make the same decision as others or we can choose to take our own path. Life is great that way.

I can just hear everyone now, “Melissa why are you giving a talk on opinions?”

The words “opinion” and “proof” have become the new dirty words. I am sure the urban dictionary will catch up with us bigfooters soon.

Here is an exercise on opinion;

What do you think the following picture is? Is it a Bigfoot? Is it a boot or a tennis shoe?
This screen capture was taken from a YouTube video which was uploaded by a Mr. Tom Burnett. Tom thinks this is a print left by a Bigfoot. Based on my own experiences, education, and what I have seen in the past, I think this is either a boot print or a tennis shoe. The tread pattern is very distinct, which tells me the boot or tennis shoe is relatively new.

Am I wrong? I would like to say for the purposes of this article that I could be. But, experience tells me I am not.

But what does this have to do with the price of a gamecam at Cabellas?

AlexMidnightWalker has decided that every opinion that does not agree with his is open to ridicule. Okay, that’s cool; I question various ideas and opinions here. But, Alex has taken it a step further in defense of his friend Tom by starting up a new Facebook page with Nazi innuendo and some of the most hateful things I have ever read.

Also, for the record. I had no intention of drawing any attention to Mr. Burnett or his videos, until AlexMidnightWalker decided to make this an issue and publicly out his "friend".

Today, Alex acknowledges myself and the comments I made about Tom Burnett’s YouTube videos. A word of caution: on the right hand side of this "work" posted by Alex are Tom Burnetts words - they are profanity laced. Read at your own discretion.

Mr. Burnett had been on a Facebook page discussing his videos and how (I and others) needed to (I’m paraphrasing here) “get into the woods because we wouldn’t find Bigfoot on the internet.”

Well first off;

I wouldn’t ever say something like that unless I know the people I’m talking to are not already doing as I suggest.

Secondly; AlexMidnightWalker A/K/A Alejandro MedianocheCaminada; you have your timeline off. My comments were after your friend Tom Burnett posted his profanity laced comment. Mr. Burnett never even attempted to explain why he thought his opinion was correct. There was zero discussion. Mr. Burnett is right and the rest of us are (in his words) B*stards.

Read the time stamp it tells the story.

I was right too. It is this kind of “research” that makes the general public laugh at the ENTIRE Bigfoot community. I will not take that back.

But, I digress. So, in the interest of fairness, I clicked on the videos for Mr. Burnett, and found something I had never experienced. I had heard about this, talked to a few people who believed these things, but never had I ever experienced it in full color and video. To put it simply – I was in shock.

Now, Mr. Burnett has every right to discuss his opinions on Bigfoot. BUT, and here is the kicker, opinion does not equal fact.

Mr. Burnett has every right to put on the internet what he thinks is evidence of Bigfoot. But, when you do that, you should be willing and you should expect people to disagree with you – and some very strongly. This is where “free will” comes in. Mr. Burnett has every right to publish or upload whatever he likes. That does not mean every person in this field of research MUST agree with him or keep our opinions to ourselves. On top of it, Mr. Burnett is asking for money, and damn near guarantees twice your money in return on your investment.

Opinions are not just blessedly bestowed upon those in the “paranormal community” but we in the “flesh and blood community” are entitled to our own differing opinions as well.

If Bigfoot can shape shift, use wormholes for transportation or disappear, I say “Okay, but point to another animal on this planet that can do the same thing?” There is no other animal. I bet a deer roaming the woods during hunting season would love to have this ability. When I hear the use of the word, “wormhole,” honestly it just irritates me. Why? Because it shows a lack of understanding as to what a wormhole actually is. Nothing can survive the power of a wormhole. Entire universes are destroyed by the power of a wormhole. So, you want me to believe a Bigfoot utilizes wormholes for travel? Shape shifting?

This is not “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

Why would Bigfoot have this ability when no other animal in the world, to include humans with all of our technology, can do this? Why would I assign this particular “ability” to a Bigfoot? That’s not mocking it’s a dang good question. These are not belittling questions. I’m not mocking anyone. I am saying straight out, matter of fact. I can be no clearer.

These are theories and ideas proposed by some in the “paranormal community.”

These are not my theories, and as such I do not understand. It is up to those with these “opinions” to explain them. If you don’t want to be laughed at, then start offering something which explains these ideas and why you hold them.

It’s disingenuous to be angry with someone because you refuse to explain your opinion.

Starting a new Facebook page in order to twist the current situation does nothing to help people understand why you think these things, Alex. You can ridicule me, and others, all you like that won’t change the fact that I do not understand these ideas, and telling me, “Because I said so,” does not cut it nor will it ever.

Can Bigfoot read my mind? I don’t think so, because if he could I would have probably been hit in the head by a rock already.

When did some become so sensitive the mere questioning of, “evidence,” is such a horrible thing? It’s my hope and prayer that everyone continues to ask questions. If, or when, you get answers use them to form your own opinion. If we do not agree, that’s fine. At this stage in the game, all we have are questions. Not even the likes of AlexMidnightWalker have all the answers.

If he did this blog would not be called, “The Search for Bigfoot,” it would be titled;

“Bigfoot Found.”


  • At 12:01 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    Nice post. Well said.

  • At 3:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Melissa, I'm really glad that you and Steve over at bigfoot books are responding to these nuts. I really feel you and Steve are two of the more reasoned, sane and intelligent voices in the bigfoot world. That Alexmidnite Walker (what ever his handle is)seems a little "off". GOOD WORK!

  • At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My work is real and I qwrite what I believe to be true based on real experiences, not poppy cock, so if I am a brash individual it comes from the school of hard knocks I am not some lilly white phd, who appears like an angel, my language is brash, but I am what I am, if others do not agree with me so what my books are some of the best sellers in the world in the patranormal, let that be my judge, not my lanquage, Bigfoot is a cannabil women stealing creep who stinks and has never woped his ass, so if that offends so be it.. Tom Burnette

  • At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    God Bless yoyu all and Bigfoot, I think they are Neanderthals with an acute use of physics, period..something very special indeed, however they do stink, a good hygeine class might help these poor creatures..

  • At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hike many miles a week in the woods, bigfoot prints are strange and stranger, Tom Burnette is very credible, hes a man with a Geology degree and an education degree and five minors he spent 6 years in college, but that does not mean for much, but hes got fortitude, a good attitude and a big set of balls.....


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