January 15, 2014

News ~ What's Going On !!

Here is the latest relevant news within our community ~ in no particular order. 

Tonight Adam Davies will be on Sharon Lee's radio program!! Hear for yourself about his Orang Pendek work!! There is a special time for this show (I am sure it's due to Adams location) of 2 PM Eastern time. But, no worries, It will be archived so you can listen later.

Peter Weimer of Wewanchu Cottages and the Bigfoot Expo in Chatauqua Lake has something worth checking out January 16 and the 19th -- so this weekend in Cleveland. Check it out!!

Creature Weekend just made a fantastic announcement!! John Mionczynski has been listed as a speaker for this years event!!! 

Visit for more information!! I have never heard John Mionczynski or Bill Munns speak, but from what I hear, it's worth every single second.

Cabelas Strange, Rare and Unusual Sightings Weekend: Coming up March 14,15,16. Check out their facebook page!

Of course, Bigfoot Bounty, will be on Friday night again for Episode 2 on SpikeTV. What will this wacky cast of characters be up to this week? From the promos it looks like, the highly anticipated, dagger slinging will begin. Tune in and find out  

Check local listings for time and channel in your area. 

But, here is a bit of reading. Guy Edwards posted a blog on "The Bigfoot Lunch Club" in reference to their ratings for the premiere. Don't worry Fans, there is still time to pull this out of the fire. It's only the first episode.

Have a great day everyone !!!!


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