April 4, 2014

The credibility roller coaster has re-opened ~ under the same management.

In large part I have been away from the community for a little over a month now. I returned home this past Sunday and took some "down time".

But, from what I am hearing, not much has changed.

Let me say this, and it is my sincere hope that people do what I ask. Go get a dictionary and look up the words; Investigate, Investigator and Research.

Yes. I have heard all about the latest "researcher credibility" drama. And, as usual, it comes from the same people. 

NO ONE in this community has "credibility". 

Why anyone in this community thinks they have the right or the ability to assign "credibility" is beyond me and frankly - that high opinion of yourself used to get you ran right out of this.

Investigating a claim - whether some think the claim is a hoax or not - is by its very definition - INVESTIGATION. If those who are throwing poo at Dr. Meldrum are not willing to get their boots dirty and go investigate the many claims of Todd Standing then by all means please stay home and let those who are willing to do the heavy lifting - do what they do. But, sitting behind a keyboard and proclaiming Dr. Meldrum's credibility is shot for doing the very thing we all should be doing - is just spiteful.

Question I have is - what have those throwing the poo ever done to make themselves worthy of judging the credibility of others??????

Do I think Todd Standing is legit? Do I think his claims are legit?

I don't know. I have never been to his research location, I have never spoken with him - I have never investigated his claims. I have my suspicions - but they are suspicions backed up by nothing that equals proof of hoaxing.

*aside here* the word "Hoaxer" is thrown around now simply because one researcher doesn't like another - so the sting of that word is practically gone now.*

Inside this community there are those who enjoy watching the work of others and deciding "credibility". Most of these people haven't spent more than a couple hours near a tree - let alone conducted a full investigation of a property or picked up a phone to talk to a witness. I know many would like to think we can assign credibility but here is the kicker ---

True credibility will and has always been assigned by those - outside this community.

I am not in this to prove to other "Bigfooters" or "Skeptics" that this animal is out there. The end to this mystery won't come from this community agreeing that an investigator has the ultimate proof - that will come from science and the world. I'm sorry if that hurts the feelings of some, but it is the truth.

Besides, if you think the ultimate goal of this research is to convince some of those who are going after Dr. Meldrum now - I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Their agenda is clear and it has nothing to do with Bigfoot.

I understand that for some investigating claims is a tough pill to swallow. But, if we are going to call ourselves investigators THAT is the job.

Even with this recent info - I would STILL go to Dr. Meldrum for advice LONG before I would go to those who attack Dr. Meldrum now. His ability to set aside his own ideas and go in with his eyes wide open and willing to find the truth (regardless of what it might be) makes him the kind of person who will always be respected by those who truly care about the progress of this research.

Besides, let's be honest here, it was said after the "Snow walker video" that Meldrum's credibility was shot. How many years ago was that??

Get in the woods people - investigate the mystery.

You won't find Bigfoot trying to decide who's credible and who's not. But that seems to be all some care about.



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