May 14, 2006

Just a short note before the next article

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

Before my next article on Women in Bigfoot Research, I wanted to take a minute and say Thank You!!! Many people have responded to this first set of interviews so positively. These are good women - and they have worked hard side by side with men who they respect as well.

I want to say a special thank you to West Coast Sasquatch.. They added a link to this blog, on their fantastic website today - and made special note in the link, that this forum will be dedicated to women in the field of bigfoot research. Overall, that is my goal, but I will continue to also do articles on the hard working men too. The work being done by women should be taken seriously, and it makes my heart happy to see the people at West Coast Sasquatch being so supportive, along with so many of the readers of this blog.

It is my hope, by telling these stories more women out there, will join in this field of research. If not, maybe we will all just get to know each other better.

That has to be a good thing for information sharing :)


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