May 2, 2010

Honorable Mention?

A week ago, I was in the woods of Virginia, doing what I enjoy doing the most... Doing my level best to get an alleged 8-10 foot undocumented North American primate on film. Being in the field is a welcome break from the sometimes utter ridiculousness I find on the internet pertaining to this work.

I, along with my fiance and about 30 other researchers put to use various ideas, and when not in active "night op" mode, we sat around a campfire, talked and had a good time getting to know each other - many of us had never met before, other than the occasional internet discussion. During this expedition there were 5 different groups, 30+ people, from 10 different states - and it was 7 days I wish everyone in this field of research could have shared in.

For all the talk about sharing information and ideas,

This expedition actually put that in use. Everyone was listened to, everyone brought up new ideas and put them to use. We all discussed new methods, and our reasoning behind those methods. We all discussed research in our own areas, what has worked, and what has not.

It was during one of these campfire discussions I was told,

I had received an "Honorable Mention" for some award that was posted on a blog site called "The Bigfootery Enquirer". I heard about this blog a long time ago, looked at it, and found the very same hypocrisy and back biting the "Bigfootery Enquirer" (discusses and shames) to be rampant within that anonymous blog.

I personally think they are smart for keeping their identities a secret - they have insulted more people than I have even considered.

So, I went to look for this "so-called honorable mention", and found it, in a "Press Release" posted on the "Bigfootery Enquirer". This is the interesting part. I googled "Clean-Up Bigfooting Awards" - guess what? There is no listing for a First Annual. I found that odd since the press release states this is the "Second Annual".

Here is another question? Who is "The Bigfooters Against Lying, Deception, Hoaxing, Intimidation, Cults and Klans"???? An extensive internet search turned up a big fat zero...

Is this an award given out by the Bigfootery Enquirer????

No, can't be - why would they try and toot their own horn in way that caused them to criticize other blogs and websites? I would be shocked to discover they were patting themselves on the back, making up a fictitious group and giving themselves an award.

People ask me all the time, "What do you think of the Bigfootery Enquirer"?

My honest answer:

Nothing more than yet one more group of disgruntled people involved in this research, who have most likely lived through the kind of bashing and internet harassment, they now generously dish out to others. The "Bigfootery Enquirer" discusses ethics, yet they seem to enjoy the sandbox just as much as the rest of us - only they play in that sandbox quite a bit more than the rest of us, and do their dirty work under the cover of anonymity. At least when I call up a sh*t storm, I have the guts to put my name on it.

I say "them" and "people" because the Bigfootery Enquirer is not just the work of one person - you have to be stupid to not know that.

What I find really interesting about this "Bigfootery Enquirer" is they bash people like Don Keating for being harsh and abrasive - and I am sure they are doing it with a straight face. Meanwhile they are saying some of the most abrasive things about people I have ever read. I found this quote (from their most recent article) interesting to say the least:

"In a true double insult to injury, our idea to charge a package price for the “guided tour” has been stolen and people can expect to part with 5$, or $20/car, to have the privilege of visiting a free state park. That sounds like someone is setting themself up as an outfitter/guide and we are curious about licensing and other arrangements Ohio may have on such arrangements on public lands. Expect some investigation and possible inquiries to the proper officials in Ohio from one of the BFE’s crack stringers."

So, the writers at "The Bigfootery Enquirer" encouraged and even offered the idea. Now that it looks like Mr. Keating will go with the idea (although this has not yet been confirmed) those associated with "The Bigfootery Enquirer" are trashing Mr. Keating for considering it? Note the use of the words "Our idea" in the first sentence. If these people associated with "The Bigfootery Enquirer" knew this could be a potential problem, maybe they should have brought that up along with their idea.

In my case they posted an article about me - over drama that happened, and NEVER even had the guts to contact me, to ask my side of the story. They took the most juicy tidbits and ran with it.

So, while they say they care about the truth,

They don't. Not at all. If they did, I would have received an email. Was I upset about the article? Heck no. They didn't do anything but re-post lies that had already been posted, in an attempt to make a name for the "Bigfootery Enquirer". Seems they pay more attention to Biscardi tactics than they care to admit -- "Sensational Sells"!!

How does that make these people associated with the "Bigfootery Enquirer" any different than those they bash? It doesn't. It does, however, make them worse.

I have always given people the benefit of the doubt.

I email or call people to ask for their side of the story - long before printing anything that could be considered hurtful or explosive. People have the right to self defense, and I allow them that if they want the opportunity. I emailed the "Bigfootery Enquirer" to correct some of their mistakes in the article written about myself - and never heard a word in response. How is that for "seekers of truth"? I have heard similar comments by many others who have called or emailed me, who have been "profiled" on their trashy blog.

If your looking for gossip, or trash talk, the "Bigfootery Enquirer" may be for you. They discuss nothing of any work they may be doing in the field. Instead they focus on "bathroom wall" writings to bring their brand of truth to the masses.

How does that help the field of Bigfoot Research?

Have they discussed anything to do with the bad research by the Michigan Group? No, they steered clear of that, and even went so far as to bash those who did look into the claims of the Michigan group. Wonder why that is? Do they demand answers or the truth of the so called work being performed by MK Davis? Nope. The "Bigfootery Enquirer" gets a big fat ZERO for their in depth denial of that debacle - instead choosing to report on what really matters... The private lives of others and their obvious hatred of anyone they think has a name in this field of research.

Their own "5 levels of Bigfoot Researchers" should be a clear indication of their level of "self importance". I guess they feel their opinion is the only opinion that should matter.

Do I care about awards? Nope. Not one bit. Do I care about whether I have a name in this research? Nope - check out how often I post on my own blog and make that decision for yourself. Do I care what gossip mongers and hateful people say about me? Not really.

I am involved for reasons that are obviously very different than those involved with the "Bigfootery Enquirer". I will continue to get into the field. I will continue to do what I think is right. I will continue to discuss relevant issues in this field of research on this blog.

Here is some food for thought. Those associated with the "Bigfootery Enquirer" state they have been involved with this research for at least 10 years!! I have been involved for 5. I consider their silence up until 2 years ago to be part of the problem, they now say they want to expose.

Now you care?? Where the hell were you?? If you have been involved for 10 years or more (combined or not between all of you), then decide there are problems - you are part of the problem.

I will continue to laugh and enjoy the hypocrisy,

But, lets all stop pretending anyone with the "Bigfootery Enquirer" is doing any of us a favor -- they had 10 years to step up, and face planted in the pile of cow poo they watched grow and grow.

What do I think of the "Bigfootery Enquirer"?

I wouldn't line a litter box with the precious paper it would take to print that trash rag. When anyone associated with the "Bigfootery Enquirer" does anything to help improve relations within this field - then I might start to care what they say about me, or anyone else.

Those associated with the "Bigfootery Enquirer" had an opportunity to hold themselves up to the standard they created - they could go after the truth and be un-biased. They have chosen not to. By their own hand they turned a golden opportunity into more trash. Are there not enough hateful people involved in this field of research?

It takes no real brain power to be a gossip or hateful.

*In the interest of full disclosure*

I did not contact anyone associated with the Bigfootery Enquirer for a comment on this article. Why? Past emails have gone unanswered, and if they will not provide this courtesy to others, why should I go out of my way?

Answer: I won't.


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