July 2, 2010

How deep does denial go?

This is exactly what I will say to those, who after reading this blog, and spending time at "Bigfoot's Blog", then tell me they were harassed on the BFF or banned. How the BFF treats their members is common knowledge. Steve has warned you. I have been warning you - hundreds of people talk about the same thing in private.

I am sending out this Geico commercial to those who defend the bigfoot forums today, and I know will end up on my website in the next few years, and I pray to god, you find the strength to do what you should have done a long time ago - log off that forum and don't go back.

If you don't, you can't say, you were not warned. Oh, and "I told you so".

I was just reading a comment over at "Bigfoot's blog", and I can't help but post a response to the person who actually took the time to post it. While I can appreciate Bill's loyalty (which will get him far on the BFF) Steve did nothing wrong. Steve offered his two cents on your comment - here are mine.

[quote, Bill] As a neutral observer here is the way I see it. Most of your posts on the BFF were promoting your blog, [quote]

And what is wrong with that? If you are a website owner, blog owner, etc, you can’t get a link on the BFF, unless you link to them first - and they must verify the link. The BFF also states that your site MUST be open and remain open to the public, in order to keep a link to your site on the BFF. That is self promotion also (also telling others how to run their websites). But, lets not discuss that, right? The BFF does not charge to read their site, neither does Mr. Streufert.

Seems even to me.

No one at the BFF seems to care about promoting radio shows, websites, blogs or anything else, unless the staff suddenly decides you are not playing by their rules. Then you are a self promoting jerk, that needs to be removed. I have always found that interesting.

Trying to convince some of us that some on the current Administrative Staff at the BFF are some how "victims", is laughable.

After I stopped posting on the BFF, someone on the Administrative staff took it upon themselves to go into my personal profile. Someone (who has not taken responsibility) removed and changed my information. I know for a FACT they can read personal messages - folks. I have the same exact website as the BFF - I know for a FACT it is not nearly as difficult to read these personal messages as one would be lead to believe. In FACT Teresa Hall told me she downloaded the software to do just that, when she worked on my forum. She used the excuse “we need to get this information if someone is accused of harassment via personal message.” The BFF Admin are asked about this all the time. They get a simple head pat to calm their fears, and go back to business as usual. I know my personal messages were read, and confronted someone on the Administration team about it.

And, those on the Admin Team at the BFF, wonder why, so many people are furious with them, or bad mouth the BFF?? Must be nice to live in the land of make-believe, where you do nothing wrong and are ALWAYS the victim of cruel vicious members who you as a BFF admin have never done anything to. How do I get to your neighborhood of make believe? Sounds like a hell of a place.

Nothing was said or done. In fact, I was ignored, by the BFF Admin I took my concern to about my personal profile information. How did I know my personal messages were read? Two ex BFF Admin told me to stop sending personal message on the BFF, because my pm’s were being cut and pasted to the Admin section of the BFF. I know this is true, because they both read them to me.

On the -that move will get you not only removed from the Staff, but banned. People deserve privacy. If they want to privately monitor, they should be telling people they are doing just that. Instead, they lie about it, and it's business as usual.

I have no doubt, once Steve was seen as not "playing along", the rush was on to see what he was saying on the BFF in his personal messages. Hey, that's just the way it is.

So, don't sit there and talk about how innocent the actions were at the BFF toward Steve - I, and others have seen what I hope - you never see.

[quote, Bill] in the last one you linked to your blog where you insulted some posters on the BFF for doing what you say you have the right to, give their opinion, and you were called on it. It doesn't matter if you posted the insults (or what you saw as the truth)on the BFF, you linked to your blog in which you did so. It's hard to blame them.

I would say that makes Steve even with Blackdog, Redwolf and others who were not discussing the topic, but bashing Autumn and her audacity for publishing a book without facts (they wouldn’t believe anyway). Neither Blackdog, Redwolf or anyone else bashing Autumns book had even taken the time to read the book. So, offering criticism without the knowledge to back it up is what qualifies as sound reasoning on the BFF?? I remember a time when that was called "Pot Stirring" and the offender was suspended.. Oh, that's right, Blackdog and Redwolf are friends of Teresa and the rest of the Staff.

Hell, Redwolf is on the staff now.

When others were defending what they felt was Autumns right to publish this story, they were pounced on, and the Administrators sat back and watched it happen, to include the chief trouble maker Teresa Hall. In fact Teresa couldn’t help herself, she just had to post how happy she was that the “forum” had not purchased the book to pass around.

I am not stupid, and I read English just fine. Steve suffers from neither of these afflictions either, it's also not the first time someone was attacked on the BFF, without all the facts, and it was allowed.

So, it’s okay that the BFF has allowed bashing of other websites for a very long time, and others (who are the target of these BFF attacks) are not allowed to put their opinions out there, or defend themselves? That is a serious double standard, and one, I might, add people are getting sick of. Lets not forget - the internet is forever. Steve has every right to defend himself, and considering the internet is forever, he would be stupid not to.

I defend Steve, because he has the right to publish whatever he wants on this blog or any other website. You know as well as anyone, had he posted his comments on the BFF he would have been, not just banned, but trashed with no ability to respond. THAT is the TRUTH.

Not everyone will agree with them. They need to put on their big people panties and either deal with the criticism, or fix what they have broken, and stop blaming everyone else for their inability to deal with reality.

If they are so worried about what might be printed about them elsewhere, maybe they should take their own advice, and start acting like adults, and not children throwing a temper fit when they are called on their games. You get what you deserve.

Steve is just the latest in a long line of people who have seen the real side of what the BFF has to offer, and will. People should start blaming the BFF and making them accountable for their actions. How can people discuss what they think, when it comes to this research, if they are bullied and harassed?? They can't.

Sometimes, it’s not everyone else. It really is what you fear to be true. Do yourself a favor, start asking the questions that are not popular, and lets see what happens to you.

No? That's what I thought.

May you find inspiration in this Geico Commercial, because I gotta tell ya, there are many in this who need to find their self confidence and stop pretending these things don't happen. Yeah, the BFF can do whatever they want. But, if they are going to lecture about truth and honesty, they should at least pretend to be practicing that themselves.

Don't come crying to me Bill, when this happens to you. I will most likely take a box of tissues and throw it at you.

You can read the full article by Steve on his website:


  • At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Lynda said…

    I think the majority of the admins over at the BFF find the attacks exciting! I don't include Tug in that. I think he is a very decent and nice guy.

  • At 9:27 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    There are two I can think of (right at this second) on the BFF team, I think are good people. Tug is one of them.

    I also think your right. Its the thrill of the hunt they love. LOL

  • At 9:27 PM, Blogger bf2006 said…

    Great post, Mel, and also great usage of the new Geico commercial with R. Lee Ermey.


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