March 12, 2012

The Fur - Photo Update.

I Just hung up with NFT. I asked them for quotes on the fur that Rod is working with. These quotes for the fur are full size.

40 sq feet of the less expensive werewolf fur is 40.00 a square foot which equals 1,600 - now she would recommend that people purchase 10-20 extra square feet for mistakes, hands, feet etc.

The custom werewolf fur starts at 44.75 and goes up from there depending on what you have done. That comes out to 1,790 minimum - then add the extra 10-20 extra for mistakes or additions like hands and feet..

She also said, she thought John Healy may have meant 40 Sq Feet not Yards. These quotes do not include shipping.

I gave the person I spoke with the last name of the witness (that I was given) and she ran his name through their "system" and no one came up with that name. That is not to say he even used his real name. Just letting you all know I tried.


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