January 27, 2006

Its Friday.

Well, it's the morning after the big "X-Zone" program. As we all know, Tom Biscardi was not in attendance to discuss his 8 State tour, attempting to put a Bigfoot in captivity. Who was the person interviewed? Robert Morgan. I need more time to read up on Mr. Morgan, he certainly seems interesting, at least from what I heard last night. But, I will reserve my opinion until I read more about him - I will then decide.

Which brings me to my next point.

I have read many blogs and websites this week, trying to find good articles to read and discuss here. One thing I noticed, I could not help but notice because it jumps right out at you, is the numbers of bloggers and websites that complain every time a new Bigfoot story comes out.

I read one this morning, found his comments quite interesting. He says he likes to watch the ads posted on his blog, I guess it gives a good indication of the top stories out there. I guess he noticed Bigfoot has been pretty popular lately based on his ad titles. But, instead of discussing the issue - he takes us all to task, saying when one site jumps on a story - we all jump on... I guess he could include himself in that.

There is a bit of hypocracy going on out there.

Researchers in this field are called crack pots and nut cases, on various sites, but the people saying these things (while typing on their blog or website), are hoping to draw in more readers, based on their "critique", thus, boosting the search for the word Bigfoot - and changing this guys ad. See my point here?

This guy and others like him have the right to post anything they want; it makes no difference to me. But, be honest about it. Whether this particular person admits it or not, he too is "jumping" on "A" bandwagon, the Skeptical bandwagon. We need skeptics in this, do not misunderstand me, but be honest about your skepticism. By that I mean read and educate yourself on this research. Are you making your decision based on knowledge or out of ignorance? It's real easy to sit on the sidelines of an issue and make a decision based on little or no information- it's much more difficult to make that decision by reading and searching for information to educate yourself on a particular idea. I challenge this blogger to read Loren Coleman's book, and books by Author Chris Murphy. Read some of the many fantastic articles by John Green. Go to a conference and hold a track cast, look at it closely. Talk to people who have seen this animal or read reports. I know many Skeptics in this field, that have more knowledge about this issue than I do - yet they still keep an open mind to new information.

Skepticism is good, and many Researchers in this field have a very healthy dose of it. That, in my opinion is necessary. Life must be very dull when you close off your mind to new ideas or possibilities. Had it not been for researchers who had the determination and the drive to keep going in the face of scrutiny - you wouldn't have thousands of internet pictures of the Siberian Tiger or the Lowlands Gorilla, or even a Panda, Magnificent animals all. In fact the Lowlands Gorilla or Silverback was nothing but a myth - until it was documented. But, people kept looking.

What a boring world this would be if there was nothing left to discover. Think about that.

Just my opinion.


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