January 25, 2006

TBRC Researcher : Gino

I had visited the website of The Texas Bigfoot Research Center many times before moving to the State of Texas, but once my apartment was put together, I set out to apply for membership. I found the online membership application and crossed my fingers.

Onto the 2005 Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson.

One afternoon during this conference I met Gino. Now, for those of you who do not know who this is, Gino is one of the founding members of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center. He is a business owner - and just the person you want with you in the woods, when your like me and have no idea where you are, or what your doing. Gino has an incredible sense of humor, and we became friends very fast. During that weekend at the conference, Gino like Craig, spent most of his free time with reporters and people who came to see the conference -- so like Craig, Gino missses most of what the conferences have to offer.

During my first "outing" with the TBRC, Gino was always willing to give, and offering advice. Whether it be to the other researchers who had experience, or someone like me. I pay attention when Gino talks - he has more than once gave me good advice that has helped me while out in the field. Gino likes to remain "behind the scenes" preferring the field research to the media events. Gino is absolutely an asset in the field. Gino's dedication and commitment to this research is a great source of inspiration and keeps me working harder.

Althought I have only worked with him once, I look forward to many more outings, and field research operations with him, and lots of fun -- because even Gino believes, this should be fun too.

I am proud to call Gino not only a fellow researcher but a friend.

*Photos courtesy of Chris Buntenbah, Wildlife Photographer
and Researcher with the TBRC*


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