February 14, 2006

Well, I wondered,

I wondered which state Tom Biscardi would show up in next. I no more than finished looking at his site yesterday - looking for pictures of his 8 State Tour to capture a Bigfoot "ALIVE"!!, when I saw a news release that Biscardi was now in Illinois.

"Searching For Bigfoot"

February 13, 2006
Jessica Wheeler

Bigfoot has been sited in Central Illinois! And a group of animal trackers hopes to find the elusive creature. A man from Shirley, in rural Mclean County, first reported seeing a strange creature near Funks Grove about a year ago.

Now, am I surprised by this? No, not one bit. If you go and look on Biscardi's site, you will see pictures from his last 3 trips - New York, North Carolina and Ohio. The pictures are very generic - and show the placement of camera traps, ice on roads, open fields, a few trees, and the members of the local groups or independent researchers, that are taking out Biscardi in his hunt, but nothing else. No reports of what happened, nothing. I'm not surprised by this either.

I am curious about something...

Biscardi is going nationwide on his search to capture a Bigfoot ALIVE!! (his words) and we all know how much Tom Biscardi loves the media attention, but curiously he is not in any of these pictures... Why is that? Am I making to much of that? Is he in one of these photos, and I'm just missing him? When does Biscardi turn down a photo opportunity? Maybe there are some, and he simply has not posted them yet - don't know, guess only time will tell.

P.S. Mr. Biscardi just finished his Ohio Trip -- but no word on whether he went to the spot of the Wayne Burton Photo, as he told Rob McConnell of the "X-Zone" radio program. Biscardi did say he would find out if that photo was hoaxed or not when he got to Ohio on his Nationwide Tour...... Of course, he had to remove Idaho from his original list and add Ohio to it. I wonder if Biscardi knows he has 2 lists on his site (snicker). Psssssttt Mr. Biscardi - shouldn't you change them both??

Sorry, I had to go there :)


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