June 18, 2006

Friendships and Bigfooting

In the interview I gave for this blog, I said "find people to go into the woods you trust". Last night, once again I was reminded why I feel that way.

Last night was very interesting.

I picked up 2 of my friends around 7 pm last night and we drove out to an area, I like in Northern Texas. The game plan was nothing major - just sit, listen and observe. We did not plan a major operation. I figured this would be a great way to spend time with friends and get to know some of the sounds of the woods - a nice relaxing evening.

We found the spot we wanted to be in. Chris parked my car (Yeah, I let Chris drive my car, I think my driving makes him nervous - lmao), we unloaded our stuff and began checking out the area. The spot we chose was a small tract of land with a lake running around both sides, it was very nice, beautiful sunset - with lots of croaking bullfrogs.. We also watched the beautiful lighting from storms off in the distance.

The frogs in Texas - just sound wierd.

When I first started listening to these frogs, I thought it was a barking dog on the other side of the lake - Monica snickered, and said "Are you sure?" Then as they fell out of unison, I then said to monica "Thats not a dog, what is that?" Monica laughed and said "Its frogs". I was amazed.

After a few minutes, we then crossed the small road and checked out the other side of the lake. More frogs, and a HUGE spider web. Monica pointed the beam of her flashlight and said "Thats a wood spider" as she pointed toward the web.. The web was very large - and looked very thick. We stood there for a few minutes looking at the web and the spider sitting quietly in the center.

Sometimes a really pretty spot - isnt necessarily where you want to be.

We all then walked back up to the road and over by my car. Chris and Monica are some of the funniest people I know. We stood by the car and listened to the sounds of the woods. I never heard so many frogs in one spot - in my life. We didnt think anything would happen in this spot, with all the noise etc. So, we all decided to get our stuff and drive the roads in this area and use a spot light to light up the woods. So, we packed up our gear, and I gave the keys to chris, we all jumped into the car. Total time in this area for listening and observation, roughly 2 hours.

Sometimes life just isnt funny.

Chris put the key in the ignition of my car, and we were ready to go. I sat and waited patiently for the hum of the engine of the car I love so much (which by the way is not built for bigfooting), I turned and looked at chris - Chris looked at me and said "The car is dead".

I thought he was kidding. I reached over and turned the key myself. We checked the lights, everything - nothing was working but the dome light. So, here we are - in the middle of the woods, and this area is about as close to "nowhere" as your going to get, and I got nervous.

We all agreed somehow the battery died. We just didnt know how or why. I grabbed my cell phone and called (yeah, getting cell reception was a blessed surprise) my friend and fellow TBRC Researcher Van. In this group I belong to, I have made some friendships that have really pulled my butt out of trouble, and they have taught me so much. Van is one of those people. It seems that when I have "issues" while in the field (which really havent been many yet) Van is the one that always seems to show up. Van, Chris, Monica, Gino and Jerry - all people I trust with my life.

Although he lives about a half hour away, Van knew where we were - and told me to just sit tight and he was on his way :) Once again "Van to the rescue". LMAO. So, while we all waited for Van to arrive, Monica and Chris tried to cheer me up with small talk and jokes. After a while of waiting Monica asked Chris to get the chairs back out so we could sit while we waited, Chris said "You know, as soon as I pull out these chairs Van will show up?" Monica said "Yeah, probably" - and sure enough, I hadnt been sitting for more than 2 minutes - and around the corner comes Van.

You have to take the good with the bad..

Well, to make a long story short - the car was not going back to Dallas. I also learned, having an automatic and a dead battery and alternator - means you cannot put your car into neutral for towing with tow chains... Yeah it was a long night. But, I soon discovered in a crisis - these people do not fall apart, we all worked together to solve this issue. Those are the people I respect, and trust. Who needs grief in a situation like this.

So, at about 5:30 this morning, Chris and Monica were dropped off safe and sound at their house and I walked in my front door at about 5:45 - yep, not only did Van pull my car out and now both Van and Gino working on the issues of why my car died - but Van drove us all back to Dallas. Friends like this are one in a Million - Im very lucky to know these people.

The good out of this is that No one was hurt, we are all safe and sound, and we will continue the search. I always try to find the good in a bad situation. As bad as things might seem - they could always be much worse. This situation was resolved, because I have good friends who I trust. Which is why I always tell people.

1. NEVER go into the woods by yourself ( excellent first piece of advice from Monica)
2. ALWAYS go into the woods with people you trust 100%

I decided to discuss this - because I think its important for any new researcher to understand that sometimes its not the creatures of the woods (that we know about) that can cause problems - its other things, but if you surround yourself with people you trust, you will be just fine :)


  • At 11:39 PM, Blogger Melissa Hovey said…

    LMAO - no. Not yet, but should that happen I will let you know right away! LMAO.

    OH Skurdy !!!! Took me a few minutes. :) Yes, you have some odd animals down here - the drivers in texas are still worse than the animals - LMAO

    I miss talking to you too. Hope everything is well where you are.. Email me !!


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