June 1, 2006

Help Needed !!!!

Recently a website and Organization was brought to my attention Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoptions. This situation tugs at my heart as a fellow blogger here Teresa raises wolves herself. I could not let this issue go unresponded to on this site. When I heard about what was happening, I signed the petition to help save this rescue, and emailed the Owners and offered the support of this website.

I URGE EVERYONE - to go to this site (link provided in the banner above) sign the petition, if you can afford to donate - please do so.

I applaud the work being done by these people, and they have come to love their wolves very much. Please help by signing the petition and or making a donation, I am sure they will appreciate whatever help you can give.

Watch for future articles - as I have promised to post whatever information they provide.

Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoption Website

Latest Update (as of 10/17/2005): How Can I help???

First of all, we want to say THANK YOU to all for how supportive you have been throughout this trial.

For over 10 year Sam Blake's efforts (now known as Never Cry Wolf Rescue) has been providing an unmet service to Sacramento County, California (and surrounding areas). After many wonderful years, Sacramento County is making every effort to shut Never Cry Wolf Rescue down.

You might be asking "Why is this happening now?" The reason is because of a disgruntled neighbor. The disgruntled neighbor complained to code enforcement that Blake had an excessive number of wild animals and that the odors, noise and businesslike operation were a nuisance to the neighborhood. It was then that Sacramento County realized that because of it's own bureaucracy error of Animal Control not checking with Planinning & Zoning before ever issuing Sam Blake a "Wild Animal Permit", they had to act complaint.

So, on April 29th 2005, NCWRA (addressed to Sam Blake) received a voluntary compliances of alleged violation letter from Sacramento County's Municipal Services Agency Code Compliance Division (Planning and Zoning). The letter, which was dated April 26th 2005, asked Sam Blake to voluntarily correct an alleged illegal kennel and/or cattery within 15 days of the date on the letter.

NCWRA had two options in order to come into compliance. The first option was to apply for a (almost guaranteed to be denied) conditional use permit to become a kennel (which costs $7,482 and 6-8 months to review). The second option was to adopt or foster out as many wolf-hybrids as they could until NCWRA came into compliance. During the weeks that followed, NCWRA complied with the letter by reducing the number of animals (after having to spend several frustrating days finding out how many wolf-hybrids adoptions/fosters had to take place to comply). On June 3rd 2005 Sacramento County Code Enforcement did an inspection, and NCWRA was not cited for any violations.

However, during this whole process, NCWRA peaked the attention of Sacramento County Supervisor Roger Dickinson, as well the media's attention. The media depicted Sacramento County in a negative light, thus causing Roger Dickinson to suspend NCWRA Wild Animal Permit renewal, thereby putting NCWRA in jeopardy. Around same time, NCWRA was told by Sacramento County that they needed a business license, which NCWRA obtained in order to stay in compliance.

As stated in an email from Roger Dickinson and also stated in a News 10 report on June 29th 2005. NCWRA needed a kennel condition user permit (no longer needed as we only have 4 wolves), a business license (which NCWRA applied for but was denied for unspecified zoning violations), and a Wild Animal Permit (which Dickinson ordered Animal Control to suspend).

On June 30th 2005, Sacramento County Senior Zoning an Planning Specialists ( at the insistence of Supervisor Roger Dickinson ) did an inspection of a non-existent complaint, in order to build a case against NCWRA (Which NCWRA was billed $240.00 for the inspection).

On July 14th 2005, NCWRA received Notice of Violations (dated July 12th) listing seven items. Below is the list.

* No person shall operate or conduct service, education, a business or professional enterprise; home occupation; or a facility to which members of the general public are invited unless; under the authority of a valid, unexpired and unrevoked General Business License issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter authorizing the enterprise.

(Webmaster comment: NCWRA applied for a permit, why is it revoked?)

* Failure to comply with Zoning Code requirements for Home Occupations.

(Webmaster comment: NCWRA does data processing at this address. What zoning code failures exist for this kind of activity?)

* Keeping wild animals is not a use permitted. However, “Pets as defined are permitted so long as they are kept in the primary residence and limited to no more than 4 adult pets.

(Webmaster comment: Then why is there even a Wild Animal Permit available in Sacramento County?)

* Operation of a kennel with out the issuance of a conditional use permit. Noted 6 animals June 2, 2005

(Webmaster comment: 6 animals? Oh you mean you are including the 2 wolf-hybrids being transported in the trailer to and from a foster family!!! )

* Storage of inoperable and/or unregistered vehicles.

(Webmaster comment: There is no inoperable or unregistered vehicles at NCWRA Address!)

* Storing commercial vehicle(s) associated with a business enterprise at the subject property.

(Webmaster comment: The donated Shuttle Bus was sold and was awaiting pick-up. Gone Now!! We want to stay in compliance!)

* Non-permitted Ancillary Accessory Structure built with in the required side yard set back.

(Webmaster comment: Ancillary Accessory Structure? Oh! The carports? Gone Now!! We want to stay in compliance!)

Because of these violations, NCWRA (in order to survive) had to file an application to appeal (with a filing fee of $1,157.00) with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. NCWRA had a hearing date originally scheduled for Wednesday, August 24th 2005 at 2:30pm, but this date has been postponed to a later date, because the County's Counsel haven't had enough time to review and build a strong enough case yet.

How Can You Help??? Here is how!!!

Please send written letters of support to the County

Please visit our Need for Written Support page.

(Webmaster comment: Please.. Send letters of support via U.S. Mail)

Plan On Attending the Board of Supervisors Meeting.

Please Support Never Cry Wolf by being a presence (and possible public responder) at our hearing before the Board of Supervisors. THE OCTOBER 26, 2005 HEARING BEFORE THE BOARD HAS BEEN POSTPONED. Due to the porcess of County Counsel working out possible new interpretations to ordinances that concern the underlying merits of NCWRA appeal, NCWRA has requested a continuance. So, we will advise you of the NEW date once we find out when it is.

Sign our Online Petition (if you have not signed it)

Our Online Petition is available here!!!!

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation

The Fostered Wolf Maintenance Fund

The Legal Fund

Relocation Fund


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